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Did Josh Duggar Knock Up Anna Before Going To The Slammer?

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Josh Duggar is now behind bars, but people are speculating he did one last thing before getting locked up. Fans and critics are curious to know if he might have knocked up his wife, Anna Duggar, one more time before he spends years behind bars.

Josh and Anna have seven children, and Madyson, the youngest, arrived in October 2021. This was shortly before his child pornography trial began.

Some fans and critics are speculating that Madyson will be Josh and Anna’s last child, depending on when he gets out of jail. He will be sentenced on May 25 and has the potential to spend several years in jail.

Anna Duggar Instagram (Anna Duggar baby)
Anna Duggar Instagram

Online, however, some critics think there’s a chance Anna and Josh Duggar already have another baby on the way. A new picture fuels that speculation.

Did Josh Duggar Knock Up Anna Before Going To The Slammer?

On social media this weekend, a Duggar family friend posted pictures from her vow renewal. Many members of the Duggar family can be spotted in these snaps, including Anna.

One photo, featuring all of the bridesmaids, has raised some questions about Anna, however. Based on her appearance, some Counting On viewers are wondering if it’s possible that Josh Duggar knocked her up one last time before heading to jail.

You can check out the new photo of Anna Duggar here.

More pics from the most extra vow renewal ever. Feat renewal-maids Anna, Joy, and Abbie from DuggarsSnark

Based on Anna’s appearance at this wedding, Duggar snarkers are speculating that she might already have a baby on the way. One Reddit user says, “Abbie looks pregnant, Anna looks like she wants everyone to think she is.”

Someone else chimes in, “I was fixing to say, Anna looks preggers. The way her dress goes up, and the bulge. Her face looks super skinny, so don’t think it’s a stress eating bulge 🤷‍♀️”

Another adds, “Same. But I think she’s pushing out her stomach and leaning back a bit to make it look like that.”

Other Duggar snarkers are asking, “Is Anna pregnant?”

Josh Duggar’s trial began about 5 weeks after Madyson was born. So, the couple would have had to ignore the six-week postpartum rule in order to conceive. We will have to wait and see what happens with Anna and Josh’s family.

So, do you think that Josh Duggar might have knocked up Anna before he went to jail? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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