Amy Roloff Sees Someone Extra Special For Easter Road Trip

Amy Roloff LPBW Instagarm

Amy Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to announce she was going on a bit of a road trip. Turns out, she was headed to Spokane to spend Easter with some of her children. Initially, she tells her followers she’s headed to spend Easter with her daughter and her husband. So, fans were pleasantly surprised when she shared a photo on Instagram revealing one of her other children had joined her for Easter this year.

Amy Roloff Instagram (Honeymoon)
Amy Roloff Instagram

Amy Roloff hits the road, heads to Spokane

The LPBW star took to her Instagram Stories to announce it was Easter weekend and she was so excited. Why? Well, because she was headed on a bit of a road trip to spend the holiday with her daughter Molly and her husband. As fans know, Molly walked away from the reality TV series and she refuses to have a public profile on social media. So, every once in a while she pops up in a photo on her parents’ or siblings’ profiles. But, fans just don’t know much about her personal life.

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Her siblings Jeremy and Jacob have also walked away from the show. They, however, have public profiles where they continue to interact with fans from time to time. Jeremy and his wife Audrey have chosen to let their children remain in the spotlight. Jacob and his wife Isabel recently welcomed their first child into the world. They, however, decided NOT to show his face on social media.

Watch the video down below to see Amy talk about her recent road trip.

Amy Roloff jested she had to stop and grab some coffee first because she had a six-hour drive to get to Molly and her husband. So, she needed to energize herself with a nice cup of coffee before she hit the road.

Molly Roloff joined by another sibling

Amy Roloff shared a photo of her time in Spokane. Fans weren’t surprised to see Molly Roloff and her husband in the photo. But, they were a bit surprised to see another one of her children joined her to celebrate Easter. Turns out, Isabel and Jacob (along with their son Mateo) were also part of the celebration this year.

Amy Roloff LPBW Instagarm

LPBW fans thought it was sweet to see everyone together. They, however, thought it was a bit disappointing that Zach and Jeremy were not also with the rest of the family.

Were you surprised by this video on Amy Roloff’s Instagram profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Roloff news.

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