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Did Trent Johnston Make A Big Mistake? Fans Think So

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Did Trent Johnston make a big mistake? Find out why fans are questioning the TLC reality star’s latest move. Read on for all the details.

7 Little Johnstons star facing job insecurity after leaving high-paying gig?

During Season 10 of 7 Little Johnstons, viewers watched in horror as the family patriarch quit his high-paying job to completely change careers. Trent Johnston abruptly left his secure job as a ground supervisor at a local college.

He was unhappy with his career and decided to make a drastic change. The TLC star got a new job as a car salesman.

As longtime viewers of the show know, both Trent and his wife, Amber, gave their son Jonah a hard time when he started selling cars.

But it seems that his dad had a change of heart and wanted to get in on the action.

In a recent bonus clip from Season 11, Trent and Jonah discuss how being a car salesman results in a very unsteady income. Did the father-of-five make a huge mistake? 

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Trent Johnston/Credit: TLC YouTube

Did Trent Johnston make a huge mistake?

In the clip, shared on TLC’s Twitter, father and son reminisce about their careers. Trent and Amber stop by Jonah’s apartment for a visit. While there, they ask their son if he’s making enough money to support himself.

In turn, Jonah shares that the car market is a very up-and-down business. Therefore, the money he makes one month may not be the same amount the following month.

He revealed that in the last year, he’s sold almost 100 cars, compared to his dad’s meager 38 sales.

Fans of the show took to the comment section on the TLC Instagram account to question Trent’s decision to leave his job.

Trent… I thought you had a good job at the University. Sales is always a roller coaster ride,” one person wrote.

Another suggested Trent and Jonah should “find different jobs! Duh.”

A third person pointed out that both Johnstons have TLC paychecks to fall back on.

Fans accuse TLC star of being jealous of his son

TLC posted the bonus clip across all of their social media platforms. The harshest critics of Trent’s decision took to Facebook to air their opinions. 

A viewer brought up Trent and Amber’s reaction when Jonah initially started selling cars. “The parents belittled Jonah when he became a car salesman,” the person recalled.

“Then suddenly Trent needs a job so he becomes a cars [sic] salesman,” they added. Furthermore, “The parents are controlling hypocrites,” they wrote.

Another fan chimed in by speculating that Trent might be jealous of his son. They said, “Trent seems to be jealous of Jonah’s success.”

Credit: TLC Facebook

Do you think Trent Johnston made a big mistake by quitting his job to become a car salesman? Is he jealous of his son? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t understand Trent & amber’s logic raising kids I agree Trent & amber treated jonah like crap . When Trent quit his job he should of waited until he got one before quitting setting an example for his kids . Amber wants the kids to live by her words if she says oh I need you all to help clean up help cook do this do that they have studies to do for school & time for there friends which amber doesn’t allow much of or make them do stuff they don’t want to do especially with Alex forcing a child to go rip cording the kid is in tears that’s not being a parent I feel for Alex & all the kids it’s only my opinion

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