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‘SW’ Fans Liken Hugging Kody Brown To Embracing A Fence Post

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Sister Wives fans have mixed feelings on Kody Brown. Some find him absolutely narcissistic and hard to watch. Others think he is a decent family man who does his best. Now, a resurfaced clip of him hugging his former wife Christine has sparked a Reddit feed where the general consensus is definitely negative. The father of six is being compared to an inanimate object but with good reason.

Kody Brown- Loving Husband?

When the series first began in 2010, it appeared that Kody really loved his three original wives. He tried to balance his time and rotation between Meri, Janelle, and Christine. At that time, they all lived under one roof so it made this fairly easy. He also understood their need for quality time. Christine admitted she was especially needy for date nights so she would often pull him aside and alert him to her desire to go out. She was also nearing the end of her pregnancy with the couple’s sixth child, Truely. The family was also getting ready to add someone else to their brood. Kody was in the courting process with Robyn, a thirty-year-old single mother who lived five hours away.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives
Sister Wives [Image The List/YouTube]
Though she lived five hours away, he eventually moved her nearby and she became part of the rotation. However, all the other wives could tell he was deeply lovesick with her. The women all tried to get along and do activities as sister wives but it was clearly divided. Meri and Robyn were in one unit while Janelle and Christine were in another. Kody would often mock Christine’s feelings as she was more sensitive and could be more jealous. She also was more sensitive to their lifestyle at times and just need a compassionate shoulder. He called her names and when it came to Meri, he seemingly always had a problem with her. By Season 16, it was any wonder he had wives left.

Can Kody Comfort His Wives?

When Christine told Kody Brown that she was done with plural marriage, it was literally just a reaction to the stress she was under. He reacted poorly to her and he now realizes she just needed him to comfort her. Yet this one is not a one-time thing. In a resurfaced clip, Christine is crying with Kody attempting to console her. Unfortunately, Reddit users are tearing apart his body language in this image. “Jeeze Louise, it must be like hugging a fence post,” one Redditor noted. Another followed it up by adding: “Except a fence post is actually supportive.”

Sister Wives from TLC

One person wanted it known how valued Christine actually was to the family: “She saved that family so much money by taking care of all of those kids. He has absolutely no idea.” Others noted he could not get too close to her for fear of cheating on Robyn. Plus, he did admit from the get-go he was not attracted to Christine. There is a lot to unpack but Kody never seemed to be good with emotions. Maybe it was because he got so much crying from Robyn, that he was tapped out.

Do you think Kody cared about Christine’s feelings or was he always over her? Let us know in the comments.

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