‘Survivor’ 42: Episode 6’s Elimination Discusses The Salt In The Wound

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Episode 6 of Survivor Season 42 is here, and we have the final pre-jury elimination. From here on out, every player taken out of the game will be returning to judge the final players. Sadly, it is Lydia who got the last boot and will miss the jury by the skin of her teeth. It’s a shame to get that close and still be so far away, especially since she had the buff of safety only for it to be taken away.

Lydia’s elimination is the result of a genius last-second maneuver by Omar to maintain his old tribe. On top of that, all of Lydia’s Vati allies turned on her in tribal. Harsh. In the wake of that elimination, Lydia did her exit interview with Rob Has A Podcast. In the hilarious interview, she discusses what led to her downfall, and the extra dagger in her back as she was walking away from that tribal council.

The Salt In The Wound

“It was brutal,” Lydia said in response to Rob’s question.

Lydia Survivor 42
Lydia Meredith

Rob’s question was specifically about a moment in tribal council after Lydia’s torch snuffing where Jeff announces the remaining contestants are officially in the merge. The 11 remaining players cheer with loud and giddy excitement. Many viewers took notice that Lydia didn’t seem to have gone too far away from the tribal area when that moment occurs. So Rob asks Lydia if she could hear the other players cheering as she was leaving. Her tragic answer is yes.

“Another dagger. Dagger, dagger, dagger. All in my back.”

Earlier in the season, Lydia’s closest ally Hai said he was willing to go to rocks to protect her. That dedication has left many fans stunned that he would write Lydia’s name down so soon after the tribes fell apart. Will Hai be able to recover from losing his closest ally? Or will he be forced to ride coattails into the end to save his own skin now that his numbers are dwindling?

Almost At the Survivor Finish Line

The merge is finally here. The final 11 players in Survivor 42 will now be sending their fellow castaways to the jury. The goal being to send people to the jury in a way that they’ll still consider voting for you to win in the end. It’s a difficult wire to balance atop, few can do it in a masterful way. But there’s a lot of talent on this season, both physically and mentally. Of these 11 players, there are certainly a few Survivor hall-of-famers among them.

New Episodes of Survivor Season 42 are airing every Wednesday.

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