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‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brush In Awe Of What Evie K. Teaches Her

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Sister Wives fans cannot get enough of Maddie Brush’s adorable daughter, Evie K. She is always smiling and sparkling, even after undergoing life-changing surgery. Now, the mom of two is sharing what the sweet toddler teaches her that leaves her in awe.

Sister Wives Introduces Maddie And Her Brood

It is hard to believe the evolution Maddie underwent from the time the series began in early 2010. The daughter of Kody and his second wife Janelle, she initially had a jet black bob. Her aspirations were to go into cosmetology and she was an immediate favorite of Robyn. At the time, Kody was just courting his soon-to-be fourth wife. Yet, she could see the sparkle and joy that Maddie brought to the family. Over time, Maddie changed her life goals and wanted to get into law. She made it to valedictorian of her class and even gained a full ride to college. However, love took her on a different path when she met Caleb Brush.

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The two quickly fell in love and he proposed, much to the excitement of Kody who adored him. They started planning a wedding in Montana set for June of 2016. The following year, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Axel. In 2019, the couple revealed they were not only moving to North Carolina but had another surprise. They were expecting their second baby, a little girl who they would name Evie K. She was born with FATCO syndrome and would face a major surgery around her first birthday. Luckily, she had grandma Janelle right by her side and came out of it with an amazing amount of spunk. This kid is beyond amazing and a trooper.

Awestruck By Evie

Evie has continued to be such a light for Maddie Brush and her whole Sister Wives family. Even Janelle lit up in a photo where her granddaughter was feeding her donuts. She noted how generous Evie always has been and willing to share. One very special moment was when Evie was at the doctor and she insisted on putting on her own prosthetic. At her surgery, she had one of her feet amputated but it doesn’t dare slow her down. Recently, she received a princess style prosthetic and it is beyond fabulous. In a since-deleted post from Maddie, she showed off Evie K. and a friend in a ball pit.

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All of the celebrity kids seemingly love these in all different shades. Evie was beaming as she played in it and Maddie noted she may need to buy one for their home. She also shared that she loves seeing life through her baby girl’s eyes. The light that eminated from Evie was contagious and it only proved nothing could stop her.

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