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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Krystal Hall 2022 Update: Where Is She Now?

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Krystal Hall appeared on Season 9 of My 600-Lb. Life. Some viewers are looking for a 2022 update about Hall’s weight loss surgery. Keep reading to find out where she is now.

COVID-19 Heavily Impacted Krystal’s Weight Loss Journey

In February 2021, an episode featuring Krystal aired. It showed her battling with the decision to travel to Texas and undergo weight loss surgery with the world-renowned Dr. Now. Ultimately, Krystal decided that if she didn’t go through with the surgery it could cost her her life.

Krystal put in the work to start losing weight so that she would be able to go under the knife. When she first met with  Dr. Now she tipped the scales at 618. She told the doctor she hoped he could help her change her life, knowing that she needed to if she wanted to continue to live.

Krystal Hall - Youtube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Upon return to Dr. Now’s office, Krystal had been able to drop nearly 100 pounds, weighing in at 526 lbs. This prompted Dr. Now to immediately approve her for the surgery and he asked her to move to Houston to prep.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on elective surgeries like the bariatric surgery Krystal needed. Her move to Texas was postponed and seven months passed between her visits with Dr. Now. While she waited for restrictions to be lifted, Krystal started gaining weight back.

Krystal Hall 2022 Update: Where Is The ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Patient Now?

The doctor took away Krystal’s approval for surgery after seeing she had gained 53 pounds back during quarantine. However, Dr. now said he believed in Krystal’s ability to drop enough weight to undergo bariatric surgery. Towards the end of the episode, viewers saw Krystal return for another weigh-in.

She and the doctor were both pleased to see that Krystal lost 24 pounds, but she still needed to drop another 38 to have the surgery. Her spirits were high and she seemed to believe she would reach that goal.

That is where Krystal’s story ended on the show. It is unclear whether or not she ever underwent the surgery and her social media pages have only provided vague updates. Photos of Krystal make it look like she has continued to lose weight since appearing on the show. This selfie posted to Krystal’s Facebook page on February 25, 2022, doesn’t show much, but she may have continued to drop weight since viewers were introduced to her last year.

Krystal Hall - Facebook/Krystal Hall

Photo: Facebook/Krystal Hall

Her Instagram also provides very little information too. Of course, Krystal is under no obligation to provide updates on her weight loss journey on her social media channels. Given her positive outlook and desire to get healthy, viewers can only hope that she’s continuing to improve her health.

Now that you have a 2022 update on the My 600-Lb. Life patient and where she is now, what do you think will happen to Krystal Hall?

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