Micah Plath Mourns Joshua On His Birthday: What Happened To Him?

Micah Plath Mourns Joshua On His Birthday [Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]

Micah Plath took to social media to mourn Joshua on his birthday. The toddler was the 10th addition to Barry and Kim’s family. Unfortunately, Joshua passed away in a tragic accident. Even though Micah left the family for a better life, he still misses his little brother.

Welcome to Plathville stars Barry and Kim have been married for over 20 years. They’re known for their big family. Yet, some of their kids have left home in search for a new life. They were sick of the conservative and strict upbringing they were raised in.

Micah Plath pays his respects to his brother

On Friday, April 14, Micah Plath returned home to pay his respects to Joshua. He visited his grave. Micah shared a photo of Joshua’s grave covered in flowers on his Instagram Story. He mourned the death of his little brother on his birthday.

“Happy birthday Joshua, we all miss you so much!” Micah Plath wrote in his Instagram Story.

As you can see towards the end of this article, Joshua’s gravestone features a picture of him. It reads, “Joshua Samuel Plath. Sweet Baby Dawa.” Joshua was born on April 15, 2007, and sadly passed away on September 19, 2008.

Micah Plath Mourns Joshua On Social Media [Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
There were not only flowers at his grave. Some of his family members also left behind stuffed animals and rubber duckies. The precious toddler loved playing with his rubber ducky. While it was a sad day for Micah and the rest of the Plath family, they are still celebrating his life.

Despite the family’s struggles, Joshua is still in their hearts. None of them will ever forget him even if they moved on from the family. This was a sweet and tender moment for Micah, who moved to California. He’s been sharing his travels, but he still honors his little brother and remembers where he came from.

What happened to Joshua?

Joshua Plath was Barry and Kim’s 17-month-old son. He passed away on the family’s property. The tragic accident took place when Kim was doing yard work outside their home. Per The Sun, she took to the family website to share the news of his shocking death.

“I looked for our 17-month-old son Joshua, saw that he was away from the vehicle, then pulled forward to get the next tree. In a panic, I realized what had happened. I ran over to our Joshua.”

Kim admitted that her mind shut down “for the next 8 months.” During that time, she leaned on her faith and Barry to mourn Joshua’s death. According to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, Joshua’s death was ruled an accident by the local sheriff’s office.

Micah Plath Mourns Joshua [Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram Stories]
During Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, Kim shared more details about the tragedy. She wishes she could go back and redo that moment in time. Even though she blames herself for what happened, Kim and Barry try to focus on the good times they shared with Joshua.

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