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Meri Brown Entices Customers With A Lie?

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Meri Brown prides herself on being honest and transparent with her customers. She has developed a special relationship with them via social media and loves that. Yet, has she been fudging the truth just to drum up business? It appears that way based on some reviews.

Meri Brown Works Hard For The Money

When Sister Wives began in 2010, Meri had just been laid off from her part-time job. Her lifestyle as a polygamist had come out and cost her the position she was in. It appeared she was taking classes but she was seemingly just invested in being the first legal wife and champion tooth puller. She had also been the one who had recruited her husband, Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn. When the family moved from Utah to Las Vegas, she did become involved with Robyn’s family business. She had created a company called My Sisterwife’s Closet which incorporated love and jewelry. Meri decided she wanted to go back to school so she had to cut her time with the business which stung for Robyn but it was for the best.

Meri Brown Credit: Lizzie's Heritage Inn IG

Somewhere along the way, Meri got involved in becoming a LuLaRoe retailer. Her marriage with Kody had faced a lot of struggle so she appeared to want something to call her own. As the Browns were talking about moving to Flagstaff, Meri learned about a home that had been in her family. It was up for sale and she did not want to lose it. Though Kody and her sister wives were reluctant to invest, Meri was able to save up enough for the down payment. She turned it into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn which is now a successful bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah. Though it is beloved, has she been enhancing some features to gain more customers?

To Tell The Truth

According to some people on Reddit, though Meri Brown claims her B&B has some amazing features, it isn’t all that great. Yes, it is charming but there is something to be desired. She utilizes photos to make Lizzie’s Heritage Inn appear one way but, in fact, it is just a home on street. Furthermore, one user claimed it was surrounded by trash when they stopped in. “I visited it the year after it opened. The neighbor had garbage/junk strewn all over the yard making the whole area look really trashy. The town itself is actually pretty cute though.” Another added: “Like literally, NO effort was put into making it look inviting, or like the host gives a crap about putting best foot forward. Meri is basically counting on her “fans” to stay there.”

Credit: Reddit/Instagram

Recently, she posted a photo of the mountains on the inn’s Instagram page.”We love to take in and enjoy the beautiful views around us all year long,” the picture was captioned. Yet, if all the Redditors are speaking the truth, it is highly unlikely there is this mountainous view in the middle of a residential road. Yet followers were in love with what they saw: “That’s spectacular.” Another added: “Really beautiful scenery.”

Do you think it’s okay for Meri to fib the truth to drum up business? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Unless the writer of this article has been there, then don’t believe what others say. Haters will make comments to cause problems. Go there yourself before you write negative things. You also don’t know any background on why there would be so called trash and what they actually saw.

    1. I think the writer was pointing out different aspects and it is up to the Reader to make their own decision. Actually Meri has been so involved with her Clothing Line and taking trips for that Business, I also have questioned how much time she has to put into the B&B.

      1. Apparently the author of this story has never been to Utah, because in many areas of Utah you can’t look out your windows without seeing mountains. For instance the Salt Lake Valley is called a valley for a reason. It is literally surrounded by mountains.

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