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Janelle Brown Spills Secret To Her Unusual Birthday Cake

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One of Janelle Brown’s children is another year older. The family recently celebrated Garrison’s birthday with all the fun of a normal birthday celebration.

And of course, Janelle happily posted photos for fans to see. They had presents — and a very unique cake too. Some fans had questions about the interesting birthday cake and wanted to know what she used to make it.

Keep reading to find out!

Janelle Brown dishes — what kind of birthday cake did Garrison receive?

The family chipped in to get Garrison an adult lego kit, Janelle Brown revealed in her post. Then they sang to the birthday boy and watched him blow out his candles.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

“Celebrated Garrison’s @robertthebrown birthday over the weekend,” Janelle captioned the post. “Apparently they have these super-detailed Lego sets for older kids/ kids at heart / collectors / anyone with enough patience. So we got together and gave him one. I secretly think his brothers are all jealous. Legos were the toy of choice growing up at our house. Excuse our non-professional singing voices on the second picture. 😂😂 It’s the heart that counts more sometimes.”

But what was the cake made from? The dessert is only briefly visible at the bottom of the frame, but it didn’t look like a birthday cake anyone had seen before.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

As it turns out, it sounds like a pretty amazing cake.

“The cake is simply ice cream sandwiches, whipped topping, and ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream sundae toppings,” the Sister Wife star wrote.

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Fans readily agreed — that did sound like an amazing birthday cake to get. How happy would you be if you were Garrison Brown? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Fans love the wives more than they do the family patriarch

Ever since Christine Brown left the family, many Sister Wives fans wondered if Janelle would follow suit. For now, it really seems like she’s staying with Kody. But most fans still generally believe that Janelle is too good for him.

In a Reddit thread, fans didn’t hold back at all when discussing how they felt about the wives compared to how they felt about Kody.

“Janelle Brown please read!!!” the original Reddit poster begins. “You deserve happiness and true love! I know you or someone you are close to reads these posts and we want better for you and your kids. Leave this toxic relationship for good!”

Many other Reddit users echoed the sentiments and said they wish she would just move on with her life. After all, Janelle Brown is also a successful businesswoman. Many believe she could make it on her own without her husband.

Keep following us online for more information on the Brown family, including Janelle. We will be here to fill you in!

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