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Fans Endanger Meri Brown’s B&B Neighbors?

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Did Sister Wives fans endanger Meri Brown’s B&B neighbors in Utah? See why the reality star called out some snoops.

Kody Brown’s first wife vows to be herself despite family struggles

Meri Brown is among the most social media savvy Sister Wives stars. In addition to interacting with fans on social media, she often hosts a ‘Friday With Friends’ livestream with her friend Jen.

However, she also uses the platform to post cryptic or inspiring quotes on her Instagram Stories or her main feed. Earlier this week, she took to social media to share a lengthy post about why she’s here on Earth.

I’m here to love, to learn, to serve, to impact others in a positive way,” she wrote in part of the caption. She ended the vulnerable post by saying she’s “unapologetically me.”

And that’s why many TLC fans love Meri. Viewers were heartbroken along with her when Kody Brown said he loved her only as a friend, not as a romantic partner, and certainly not a wife.

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Meri Brown/Credit: TLC YouTube

Despite his hurtful declaration, his first wife refuses to leave him, at least not permanently.

She finds some reprieve from the plural family drama at the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn B&B she bought on her own after Kody refused to help.

While some fans book rooms at the inn, it seems others have been nosing around and putting residents in danger. What happened?

Fans endanger Meri Brown’s B&B neighbors?

Meri Brown took to her Instagram Stories with a sharp rebuke to Nosy Nellies trying to get a glimpse inside Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

In the post, she heavily implies that strangers were approaching children in the neighborhood for intel on the residence.

The reality star began her missive by saying it is okay for fans to drive by and take a picture of the B&B.

“HOWEVER,” she added, “under no uncertain terms is it ok to speak to a CHILD to get information, to ask names, to ask if they can take you into the house.”

“THIS IS NOT OK!” Meri repeated.

While the Sister Wives star didn’t detail any alleged altercations, the vow she made seems to indicate something happened: “There are children in the neighborhood and I will do everything in my power to protect them and not threaten their safety.”

The TLC star did share her “love and appreciation” for her fans. But she puts “the safety of neighborhood children first and foremost!”

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

How can Sister Wives fans get a glimpse inside the inn? By booking a stay at the Utah establishment.

How much does it cost to stay at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn?

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is located in Parowan, Utah. How much will a stay at the inn set you back?

The B&B’s website lists a variety of rooms to stay in, ranging from $125 to $155.

While the Inn closed during the coronavirus pandemic, it is back up and running.

The website notes that it is not a museum and therefore, tours of the residence are not allowed.

Do you blame Meri for calling out fans for endangering the neighbors? Share your reaction in the comments below.

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  1. The fans that did this shame on you! If it was magazine rags trying to get info shame on you and your job!!! NEVER EVER APPROACH A CHILD THAT COULD BE VERY UNHEALTHY FOR YOU!!! Meri and Jenn I applaud you for standing up for the kids in and around the B&B!! Shows just how much heart you both have!!!

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