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Disheveled Jen Arnold Explains Disappearance: ‘Busy & Tired’

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A shocking photo of a disheveled Jen Arnold popped up on Instagram today and caught fans off guard. While The Little Couple fans were happy to see an update on where she was and how she was doing, the photo had them wondering if she was alright. The photo featured Jen without her glasses and with seriously unkempt hair. Her face looked a little worn down and she wasn’t rocking her normal open-mouth smile that allowed her to flash her big, pearly whites.

Jen Arnold was curled up under a blanket in the photo with her small dog, Rocky, on his back with his paws curled up in the air. Rocky was tucked in between Jen’s arm and her torso. He looked to be very cozy as he rested with his mama!

Jen arnold instagram
Jen arnold instagram

As we previously reported, there were two reasons why Jen Arnold posted this snapshot on Instagram (and Facebook). The first reason was to share a post-surgery update with fans. The second reason was to explain why she disappeared from social media for nearly two weeks. Given she just had surgery about eight weeks ago, it was understandable her fans would be concerned for her well-being.

Jen Arnold explains her social media disappearance

The Little Couple star tells her social media followers she is sorry she took a bit of a break from posting. She, however, has just been too busy with her life to stop and post anything. Jen reminds her followers that despite recovering from surgery, she’s still a mother.

“I haven’t been online in awhile- balancing work & hip revision surgery & mommy hood keeping me busy & tired.” She penned in the caption as she explained.

Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

Based on her post, fans assume Jen Arnold just wants to curl up and relax in her spare time versus hopping on social media to talk to fans of her reality TV series.

The Little Couple fans hope she recovers fully soon

While there is no denying fans appreciated the update, what they really want is for her to rest and recover. Fans encouraged her to take it easy until she was feeling 100 percent. Many fans gushed about how adorable she looked snuggled up with her furbaby cuddle buddy. Overall, most didn’t seem to mind disheveled appearance. In fact, fans loved seeing such a raw picture of Jen Arnold. And, they appreciated her son Will for taking the time to snap the photo for his mother.

Let us know what you think of this update. And, keep coming back for the latest on The Little Couple.

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