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‘Before The 90 Days’: Who Is Kimberly’s Son, Jamal Menzies?

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Season 5 of Before the 90 Days had a lot of ups and downs and some interesting couples. One couple viewers could not look away from was Kimberly Menzies and Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar. He had already done one season that left him with a divorce so fans were curious as to what Kim could bring to the table. In a twist, they met her son, Jamal Menzies at the tell-all, and suddenly, he was the main focus. Now her followers want to know everything about him. Here are some fun facts about the unexpected 90 Day hero.

Kimberly Joins Before The 90 Days

Viewers were shocked to learn that Sojaboy would be returning for another season. He first came onto the scene with Lisa Hamme in Season 4. She was from Pennsylvania and about twenty years older than her. After pursuing each other online, Lisa flew over to Nigeria to officially meet Sojaboy yet her trust issues got the best of her at times. This caused many fights but the biggest issue was her age. His mother wanted him to be with someone who could give her grandchildren which she could not. This would mean he would have to take on another wife which was a bitter pill for Lisa to swallow. Though they got married, divorce was not far behind.

90 day fiance Usman Sojaboy Umar
90 day fiance Usman Sojaboy Umar

Sojaboy returned for Season 5 with a new love who was actually a fangirl who he connected with online. Kimberly traveled all the way to Tanzania to watch him film a music video. The goal was to see if they could click enough to be more than friends. She claimed she was okay with him having more than one wife. Kim went so far as to shower him with gifts but viewers deemed her desperate and pushy with blinders on. After she left, he called his ex, Zara which broke her heart at the tell-all. Luckily, her son Jamal was there to comfort her and be the voice of reason. Soon, fans were chomping at the bit to learn all they could about Jamal.

Tell-All On Jamal

Before the 90 Days fans started to ask Kimberly about her son Jamal Menzies. According to Screen Rant, he has a very successful background. She has deemed him her “biggest accomplishment” and “the best thing that came out of [her] marriage to [her] ex-husband.” He is also quite intuitive as seen on the tell-all and is always there for his mama. The twenty-five-year-old graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Poli Sci degree two years ago. While in school, he worked for a pharmaceutical company for six years. During that time, he garnered four promotions. That alone is enough to make his mama proud.

Credit: Jamal Menzies IG

As for where he is now, he resides in New York City where the tell-all was filmed. Jamal is also House Counsel for an insurance company but took the time to be by Kim’s side for the tell-all. Regardless of where life takes his mom in regards to Usman, at least she knows she has one strong and loving man in her life.

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  1. He came across as an awesome son! He stands by his Mom and I think he sits back letting his Mom run her own life but feel he will be there when she needs him. Ushman better watch out!

  2. Jamal loves ❤ and respects his momma,that’s an A plus with me.this young man took out the time to comfort her when she needed did a fantastic job raising him.

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