‘Storage Wars:’ Is Brandi Passante Single?

Storage Wars: Is Brandi Passante Single? [Credit: Brandi Passante/Instagram]

Storage Wars fans want to know if Brandi Passante is currently single. Brandi and Jarrod Schulz quietly ended their relationship over three years ago. During the Season 13 premiere, fans found out that the couple went their separate ways. Some of them were upset to find out that Brandi and Jarrod were no longer an item.

Others were excited to learn that Brandi is single. The A&E series attracts its share of male viewers, who love the women on the show. Some of them even lust after Casey Nezhoda even though she’s married.

What happened to Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schultz?

The Storage Wars couple quietly split in 2018. They didn’t notify fans about their breakup. The former couple shares two children Cameron and Payton. Though their relationship ended a while ago, they made it look like they were still together. Brandi and Jarrod never married, but they worked together on the show.

They built up a brand thanks to Storage Wars. Brandi and Jarrod are still in the same social circles since their split. They even still work together. On the Season 13 premiere of Storage Wars, Brandi confirmed their relationship was over.

“I’m not with Jarrod anymore,” Brandi simply on the show.

Jarrod spoke to People about their relationship. “Just because me and Brandi aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t go to an auction — but separately.”

Storage Wars Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz [Credit: Jarrod Schulz/Instagram]
[Credit: Jarrod Schulz/Instagram]
The premiere episode showed the exes having an awkward run-in at an auction. Brandi called Jarrod “an idiot” for spending $400 on a storage unit. She doesn’t think it was worth the money. Yet, Jarrod felt that he came across some treasure.

Brandi took interest in another unit. She asked her friend Mary Padian to bid on her behalf. She ended up outbid by Jarrod, of all people. Since then, Jarrod dated a woman named Rochel Beckham.

In 2020, the couple became Facebook official. Brandi talked about her struggles with raising adolescents while going through a heartbreaking time. The couple fought so much that they ended up getting physical at one point, according to TMZ. Jarrod allegedly assaulted her after a run-in at a local bar.

Is Storage Wars star Brandi Passante dating anyone?

Storage Wars fans are curious to know if Brandi is dating anyone these days. If her Instagram account is anything to go by, she’s most likely single. If she is dating someone, she is keeping it under wraps. Since getting out of a difficult relationship, she wants to focus on herself.

Her being single may be a good thing for her Storage Wars fans. They love looking at her photos on social media. This helps to play up the fantasy. It doesn’t look like Brandi has confirmed a relationship on any other social media outlet, including Facebook.

What are your thoughts on Brandi Passante being single? Would you like to see her in another relationship? Or, do you think she should focus on herself? Sound off below in the comment section.

Storage Wars airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.

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