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Robyn Brown Felt Homeless Because Of Kody?

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During Season 16 of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown almost exclusively had Kody living with her. Despite the promised rotation, he practically never left her home for around nine months. Yet there was a time when security was not something Kody was providing his fourth wife.

Robyn Brown And The Transient Life

When Robyn first was being courted by Kody, she lived about five hours away from the Brown family. Once they became engaged, there was not enough room for her to live in the single-family home. At the time, Meri, Janelle, and Christine resided there along with twelve children. Christine was expecting her sixth child, Truely, and struggled to find room for the crib. Plus, Robyn was only engaged to Kody so it did not make sense for her to move in with the wives. They moved her down the road but it did not last too long. By the end of Season 2, the family feared Kody would get arrested for his lifestyle. Thus, they packed up and escaped to Las Vegas.

Kody Brown And Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Once in Vegas, they were able to secure four homes in a cul-de-sac so all the wives and kids were close. It also made Kody’s wife rotation super easy. By 2018, the itch to move was back so off to Flagstaff they headed. The family had chosen land, Coyote Pass but had yet to build on it yet. Therefore, they had to all find rentals. Janelle and Meri got very lucky but Christine opted to buy her home. As for Robyn, she was left hanging and had to trust Kody to ensure she and her kids were secure.

Leaving Her Homeless?

With all of the wives having homes, Robyn Brown struggled with Kody making choices. He was adamant that she end up buying the home she was renting since no rentals were available. Yet there was more to it than that. When they left Vegas for Flagstaff, Robyn had wanted to bring that unity with them. The way the kids and wives were in close proximity and could have easy access to one another was ideal for her. She liked the way the plural family operated. Unfortunately, in Flagstaff, everyone was spread out, miles apart and Robyn felt she had no place to truly set down roots.

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She also started to get scared when she could not find a rental while all the other wives were unpacked and they had this unused land. Kody pressured her into buying a home which she did not want to do. In the end, it became the best choice because Janelle’s rental was sold so she ended up living in an RV last summer. Meri had to leave her rental at one point and Christine sold her home when she left the family. Kody did not leave her homeless like Robyn initially felt but not much has changed since they moved from Vegas. The family has fallen apart in more ways than one and it’s going to take more than closing the distance to fix it.

Do you think Robyn ever had a reason to feel like she would never have a real place to rest her head? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Has the writer of this article watched sister wives since the beginning? Obviously not. When the Brown family moved to Las Vegas they were living scattered around Las Vegas until the homes in the cul de sac were built. In flagstaff Meri has moved a couple of times from rental properties and so has Janelle. Robyn was in a rental property until the owner decided to sell and then found the house her and Kody purchased because rental properties are hard to find in Flagstaff.

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