‘OutDaughtered’ Ava Busby Ends Up With Eye Injury, Is She Ok?

OutDaughtered star Ava Busby took a trip to the eye doctor this week after coming down with an eye injury. Keep reading to find out what exactly happened and how she is doing now.

OutDaughtered Ava Busby gets hurt

Danielle Busby took to her Instagram story to share an update on Ava Busby. Apparently, she got an eye injury that looks pretty bad. She initially just shared a photo of Ava with her squinty eye. Clearly, she was in some pain.

Then, she shared that they took her to the eye doctor. Turns out, Ava got a cut on her eye that is rather large. Now, to help it heal, she has to wear a patch so no dirt or germs gets in the cut.

Ava Busby Outdaughtered from Instagram
Outdaughtered | Instagram

Of course, Danielle says that Ava did great and was brave while she was there.

“Forgot to share the results!” she writes on the story. “Turns out Ava has a pretty bad abrasion (cut) on her eye! Poor Baby! It’s pretty big too. So antibiotic ointment to help heal it and we will patch it to keep germs from getting in. Should heal up in a few days.”

Danielle Busby | Instagram
Danielle Busby | Instagram

So, it sounds like it won’t be long until Ava is back up and running around with her sisters again as nothing happened – if she isn’t already. She seems like one tough cookie!

What are her sisters doing?

While Ava went to the doctor for her eye injury, her sisters have been up to other things. One sister, in particular, has been into something pretty nasty.

Once again, Danielle takes to Instagram and reveals that Riley Busby has been into watching pimple popping style videos. She took to her story to share a photo of Riley. The little one is curled up on her daddy watching videos with him. Danielle even shares a screenshot of the video on the story.

Danielle Busby | Instagram
Danielle Busby | Instagram

While it’s not clear what she’s watching – one thing is for sure. The video they are watching together is pretty gross! Danielle has yet to share if any of her other daughters share the same fascination with gross videos as Riley. However, considering they are seven, it seems likely they are all pretty into it.

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