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What Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Learned From Cheating Scandal

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The TikTok cheating allegations against Clayton Echard created a tough situation initially. He was accused of being in New York with another woman. The woman shared the information on a TikTok that went viral. She also messaged Susie Evans about what she believed happened. Now that the truth has been revealed and Clayton’s name has been cleared, he and Susie are sharing what they learned from it all.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans share what the cheating scandal taught them

US Weekly shared what Bachelor Clayton Echard and Susie Evans learned from this entire situation. Susie admits that it bothered her at first but she always knew Clayton would not do that to her. Plus, she knew he was in Arizona with his brother.

As for what she learned from the ordeal, Susie said, “It just led to conversations of like, ‘How do we navigate this in the future?’ And also just, like, coming down to pure trust.”

She also said that she trusts Clayton more than every guy she’s ever dated.  Susie says Clayton has pure intentions and a genuine soul.

Plus it all made them realize that their primary arguments come from being in the public eye.

Susie said, “The only times that we fight or argue, it’s never about, like, us. It’s about the weird situations that we have been thrown into because of a public relationship.” She continued, “We did have some, like, just tough conversations for the future of like, ‘What are our expectations for each other?’ …. This is, like, such a new territory. And like, we don’t know who to lean on to navigate this stuff, so we have to lean on each other.”

As for Clayton, he admits that he and Susie are different in many ways. However, they both always manage to work things out when issues arise.

He said, “But I think what we always come to is we always have an understanding of the other person, you know, [and] what their thoughts are. … Susie from the jump in this situation was like, ‘I want to give her grace.’ And originally, I was like, ‘What? This girl deserves no grace, like, she deserves everything that comes her way and more.’ … I had this like, accountability itch.”

They were reunited and are doing great

After the TikTok was removed and Sasha Narang apologized, Clayton and Susie reunited in Arizona. Now, the two are off to Virginia to start their lives together.

Overall, this whole scandal made them a stronger couple. So far they are beating the odds and overcoming hardships thrown their way.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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