‘Storage Wars’ Brandi Passante Reveals Autoimmune Disease

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Brandi Passante of Storage Wars revealed some unexpected information about an autoimmune disease she suffers from on Instagram recently. As those who follow her know, the blonde bombshell frequently puts creeps in her DMs on blast via her Instagram Stories. One of the creeps who had previously messaged her more than a few times finally hit her up with a question she thought deserved an answer.

What did this particular creep ask Brandi Passante? How did she respond? Keep reading for the details.

Brandi Passante, Instagram

Why is Brandi Passante’s voice so raspy?

This individual wanted to know why Brandi Passante’s voice sounded so raspy. The question, however, included a condescending “Hmmmm” after it suggesting the individual had already made their own assumptions on why her voice was so raspy.

Now, it is unclear if she spoke to this individual specifically. But, she did decide to answer the question. She put a screenshot of the DM on her Instagram Stories and she responded to it by slapping a caption over the screenshot. Her answer, however, wasn’t really what fans expected.

Storage Wars: Brandi Passante
YouTube – Storage Wars

Storage Wars princess reveals autoimmune disease

Brandi Passante clued Storage Wars fans into the fact that her voice sometimes gets raspy because of a medical condition. Turns out, she suffers from a medical condition. An autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s disease. She continued to explain because the disorder affects her thyroid it can sometimes cause her throat to be a bit raspy.

What is Hashimoto’s disease?

According to WebMDthe autoimmune disease that Brandi suffers from is “a disorder in which the immune system turns against the body’s own tissues.” Sadly, there currently isn’t a cure for this condition. There are several treatment options to help manage the condition. WebMD goes on to reveal medical experts aren’t sure what causes this condition. There, however, is some evidence to suggest genetics could play a role. Likewise, the condition is also more common in women than men. So, it is possible Brandi Passante’s daughter could be at risk of developing this autoimmune disorder too.

Brandi Passante - YouTube

Is Brandi Passante suffering from a life-threatening condition?

If left untreated, conditions involving a person’s thyroid can become life-threatening. Because Brandi is knowledgeable about her condition, it is safe to assume she has seen a doctor and is receiving some sort of treatment for it. At the very least, Brandi Passante must have a doctor monitoring her thyroid for her to even know about her condition.

Brandi Passante - Instagram
Brandi Passante – Instagram

How do you feel knowing Brandi Passante has Hashimoto’s disease? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Storage Wars news.

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