Robyn Brown’s Bio Big Fat Slap To Her Sister Wives & Kids?

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Sister Wives fans have often questioned what Robyn Brown’s true motives were when joining the Brown family. She claimed she did not want monogamy. However, she has found a way to help push the other three wives away. Ultimately, she has made it so she is the only wife Kody has a functioning relationship with. Though she prides herself on wanting to be the ultimate sister wife and mother, it appears she is failing on both accounts.

Robyn Brown Is ‘Welcomed’ Into The Sister Wives Family

Kody had three wives when the series first began in 2010. Though it all seemed to balance out pretty well, they knew something was missing. Kody needed more in his life and the only cure was another wife. He began to court Robyn who he met through Meri at an event. She encouraged him to ask the divorced mother of three to dance. His wives acted very optimistic about the new addition though hesitant about the idea of adding an additional night of rotation. Luckily, it was a seamless transition once Robyn moved closer to the family yer there were some issues. He was seen sealing the engagement with a kiss which was taboo. Furthermore, he was caught kissing Robyn when Christine was in labor with Truely though they were unmarried.

Robyn never experienced living under one roof with the Brown family so it was always a hop skip and a jump for her and her kids. She did share that she loved his older kids, especially Maddie, and tried to immerse herself into the family. One act of true kindness was when she offered to be a surrogate for Meri. This was the one real relationship she seemingly had in the family. As later revealed, Christine and Janelle were not particularly warm towards Robyn. Admittedly, Christine was a tad jealous. Over time, Kody preferred his fourth (and eventually legal) wife. They spent so much time together, especially when the pandemic hit with favoritism being a hot topic.

A Bad And Tone-Deaf Bio

During the pandemic in 2020, Robyn Brown’s home became Kody’s primary residence for a bevy of reasons. It seemed he felt the safest there with Robyn being the “obedient” wife. Additionally, he was struggling with his other wives and kids and this home had what he needed. Often she would sit down with her other sister wives and vent about the stress of having him there 24/7. Now it appears she may not really care about making the family work as a whole. Redditors noticed Robyn’s Pinterest is back and her bio leaves some out. It says she is a “wife and a mom.”  This did not sit well and a Reddit thread was started.

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” “A woman, a wife, and a mom”. No sister wives detected. Sounds legit,” one noted from the beginning. Another joked that soon it will say “proud monogamist.” One Redditor was bothered by how she listed what defined her: “So, her priorities are listed in this order; herself, then Kody, and then her kids.” The biggest bone of contention was her completely leaving her sister wives out because she is not in hiding. Maybe she has just decided it is her, Kody, and her five kids and that is all.

Do you think Robyn meant anything by her Pinterest bio or she just was being basic? Let us know in the comments.


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