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Paedon Brown Says Being Excommunicated Saved Him & Siblings

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Paedon Brown has been very verbal since Season 16 of Sister Wives. He has spoken out about his relationship with his father, Kody, and what’s going on with his siblings. Now it seems being away from the church may have been the biggest blessing of his life- and his seventeen siblings.

Paedon Brown- Growing Up On TV

When Sister Wives first debuted in 2010, it was Kody Brown, his three wives, and twelve kids. This was a show that the adults signed up for to show what a functioning plural family looked like. However, the minor children were subjected to the cameras based on what their parents wanted. They were also shown learning about their father’s desire to welcome a fourth wife to the family. This was something very new to the children who had never had to experience a new wife coming in. Meri married Kody in 1990 with Janelle getting married to him in 1993.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

The following year, Christine joined the family with Janelle having the first Brown child shortly thereafter. It would be sixteen years before Robyn would enter the family along with her three children. None of the kids really had any say in how their lives would be featured on the show. As time went by, the elder kids would have their weddings showcased on the show, and major milestones occurred. One of them was when Mariah came out to her parents. Christine’s son, Paedon says he does not regret doing the show and it appears it was advantageous to the Brown kids.

For The Benefit Of The Children

Paedon Brown lives on TikTok and he shares so much there. He revealed his father is not vaccinated despite being overly precautions about the virus for two seasons. Furthermore, he explained he and his older sister Mariah do not have a relationship. The same goes for his sister Gwendlyn. Yet, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Paedon thinks Sister Wives saved him and his siblings. In a recent TikTok, Paedon had this to say: “I kind of knowing exactly what my life would be like without ‘Sister Wives.’ I’d have one wife, I’d probably be courting a second wife.” He went on to add: “I’d probably have three kids by now, maybe just two. I’d be going to church every single day… I’d be miserable, honestly.”

Sister Wives - Paedon Brown - Tik Tok
Sister Wives – Paedon Brown – Tik Tok

Everything “opened up” in his world once the show started for him and it has largely to do with the fact that the Browns were excommunicated from their church. They were a part of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) until around 2017, so seven years after they became known on TLC. As for Paedon’s siblings, he noted Mariah’s coming out may have never been as seamless as it was if it happened at all. She came out on television but initially said she wanted to live a life like her parents. He maintains she would have hated her life and would have been “shunned” just for being “born the way she was born.”

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