Lala Kent Measures Up Her Former Lovers

Lala Kent Measures Up Her Former Lovers [Credit: YouTube]

Lala Kent is comparing her former lovers. The Vanderpump Rules star didn’t hold back on her intimate life. She previously shared that she’s “grossed” out about the idea of hooking up with anyone. Even though she’s been dating around, she has no desire to do the dirty deed with anyone.

She would rather get to know a guy the old-fashioned way. The former model has been taking it slowly ever since she re-entered the dating world. Lala also has no interest in jumping into another long-term relationship. She would rather have the attention of as many men as possible.

The former model is no stranger to talking about hooking up or locking lips. Lala Kent recently weighed up some of her former lovers.

Pump Rules star gets candid on intimacy

Lala Kent made an appearance on the Monday, April 11, episode of Watch What Happens Live. Unsurprisingly, she shaded her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett’s bedroom skills. Fans already know how she feels about him. The Bravo star says that coitus with him was less than desirable, especially after she got sober in 2018.

Lala took it one step further by stacking him up against former lover James Kennedy. The two drunkenly hooked up during their time on VPR. During a segment called “Fast and Furious,” Lala rated her former lovers and others. She gave Randall a “zero” on a scale of 0 to 10 while answering who was better in bed.

“James,” Lala Kent said.

Lala Kent Talks Former Lovers [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
However, she wouldn’t reveal any details about their hookup. Instead, she revealed that she met his new girlfriend Ally Weber “once” but doesn’t “remember it well.” Lala also didn’t shy away from comparing Tom Sandoval to Tom Schwartz in bed. Though she never hooked up with the guys, she has a feeling that Sandoval was better at bedroom play than his BFF.

Lala Kent gives a status on her dating life

Also during WWHL, Lala Kent also gave a status on her dating life. While she put herself back out there, she hasn’t had much luck. The reality star told host Andy Cohen that she has put dating on the backburner for now. But, she was surprised to receive a DM from a “Utah jazz player” who wanted to hook up with her.

Lala Kent has been accused of giving mixed messages about her dating life. She confirms that she’s single and “ready to mingle.” But then she admitted that she’s “not there yet,” when it comes to finding the right person. Lala Kent has kept her private investigator employed since most of her potential suitors haven’t passed the background check.

Lala Kent On Her Dating Life [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
As for her relationship with Randall, she wants “zero contact” with him. Rather than co-parenting, they’re navigating the idea of “parallel parenting.” This comes after Lala shared that they only communicate on an app in regards to their daughter Ocean. She accused him of cheating on her and teased Andy that there are more details to come.

What are your thoughts on Lala Kent comparing her former lovers? Do you think she’s contradicting herself about her dating life? Do you think she should keep these thoughts to herself? Sound off below in the comment section.

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