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Derricos Face Foreclosure While Flipping Bill For High-End Vow Renewal?

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On Doubling Down With the Derricos, fans are watching the family plan a lavish vow renewal at Disney World. But how does their foreclosure factor into all of this? Some parts of the family’s story simply don’t make sense.

In case you missed it, in October, the bank foreclosed on Deon and Karen Derrico’s home. The house is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s where Karen and Deon live with their 14 children. The bank purchased the home for $441,842.06. It’s unclear what their current living situation is, but Deon does own a couple of other properties.

This isn’t the first time that Deon and Karen have found themselves in financial trouble, however. The Sun notes that they have filed for bankruptcy five times. Despite this, they have continued adding more children to their family.

But now, as shown on TLC, the couple took their family to Disney World. And a grand vow renewal is in the works as well.

Doubling Down With the Derricos, YouTube

The Derricos plan an extravagant vow renewal despite being behind on their house payments.

In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, April 13, Karen Derrico gave fans another look at the vow renewal. She shared a slideshow of photos from the special day. You can check out a few of them below, and you can see the full post here.

Karen Derrico Instagram
Karen Derrico Instagram

Naturally, these posts and episodes about the vow renewal are raising some questions. After all, their home has been foreclosed on. So, where are they getting the money to pay for such a big vow renewal in a high-end setting, like Disney? Visiting Disney, especially with 14 children, is expensive. And having any type of wedding or vow renewal isn’t cheap either.

We don’t know exactly what is going on and how things are looking for the Derricos financially these days. But fans certainly have questions about the conflicting stories.

It is possible that many of the costs associated with the Disney trip and the vow renewal were covered by TLC. Maybe, more details about the family’s finances will come out soon.

So, what do you think about the Derricos lavish vow renewal despite their recent foreclosure? Do you think there’s an explanation behind it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about all of your favorite TLC shows and stars, come back to TV Shows Ace. You can see a clip of Deon’s proposal below.

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  1. TLC is paying for everything these people do,just like they did with the Duggar family years ago.Its gonna backfire on the network doing this one day.And if they knew how they looked they would stop having all of these babies Eventually this is gonna backfire on them too having all of these babies

    1. It’s already backfired. That woman has had how many recent miscarriages? I sympathize with miscarriages, I’ve had two, but this woman is tiny and she’s had fourteen kids. One died right after birth. Her body is saying enough is enough. I love how they never mention the foster kid they adopted, who’s credit they destroyed before he was eighteen and who wants nothing to do with them. Infuriates me as a foster mom. Two more grifters who use the foster system as a paycheck when NONE of that money should be used for themselves or their other kids. The money you are paid is to care for kids that have already been through the worst of the worst. Any leftover money every month should be put into savings for the foster child when they age out of the system. Oh, and the dad’s been charged with literally tricking people out of their homes. Mom was charged with welfare fraud. They are just as bad as the Duggars!

      1. Mom also had a stroke WHILE THEY WERE FILMING. I don’t doubt she’s been told by more than 1 doctor to stoo before it kills her. Michelle most likely was too (when they 1st appeared on TLC as a 1 time she said something about going to different drs)

        1. They tried to say it was a muscle spasm. I have muscle spasms and sure as hell don’t act like l m having a stroke. What does Karen even do? I have never seen her do anything. The father trying to potty train two kids in the livingroom, with all the other kids around. Karen not around to help. If Karen was more hands on with the kids, she would have noticed the lump on the boys head.

          1. Come on now. Ya’ll really gotta find something better to do. If you were watching they agreed he is better at potty training and potty training is not something that happens over night. I started in the bathroom and ended up in the livingroom also. We are open in my house so doors are open while using the bathroom. If you don’t like how they do things watch something else. With all the kids I see they are taken care of and clean. They notice the lumps were bigger what you think they measure them every day? Now if they didn’t notice at all would be the problem. Ya’ll sound stupid. No parent is perfect.

        2. It wasn’t a stroke if you were really watching. It was a pitch nerve. People get ya’ll story right before you get on here talking about stuff and you don’t know or tell the full story

      2. DUGGERS never collected welfare or lost their homes due to never paying. All of their adult kids have jobs and businesses.

    2. Exactly! The Duggars had professionals build their house, a trip to Disney world,Michelle got a free dress from Kleinfeld in NYC (free for her but obviously TLC paid) and bought along ALL the kids much to the annoyance of the staff. Plus they got a trip to Japan (where they behaved like the ignorant Americans they are) and 1 to Israel. All on TLC’s dime.

    3. I just don’t understand,why she continue to have children.The children don’t look well and neither does she.This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with how the kids look in fact they’re beautiful blessed African American children made in Gods image/likeness. I know white America loves every that look like them on tv. The Bible says that children are a blessing & if you don’t like what God made thru them change the channel but to write this ugly comment regarding the children is evil.

  2. Certainly not teaching their children well. They could have driven to Disneyland instead of a huge plane bill. I realise making memories is very important but lordy all the stuff they bought would have been a fortune. 1 teeshirt alone was probably $30 , unless they were getting a group rate. I think TLC compt most everything cause there is no way they stood in lines and had scheduled meeting times otherwise.

  3. Wow, just another example of “all that glitters isn’t gold.” The sent listed above that indicates they took in a foster child and ruined his credit before he was even 18yrs old is disgusting. These foster kids have had a tough life before they enter into a foster family. So to then take advantage of them by buying things under his social security number and then not paying for it and ruining his credit is egregious!!!

    These people are disgusting and hiding behind religion. Just like the Duggars. Why aren’t I surprised?!?! Despicable!!!

  4. I watched the show a few times I think it’s really great however I often wondered what this family does to support all those children. After reading this I’m a little disappointed. As much as I enjoyed the show it’s kind of sad because the show came across as having it all together.

  5. I always figured TLC was footing the bill for all these vacations and clothes. This is a popular show and probably makes a lot of money for TLC, so they, in turn, spend a lot of money on the family.

  6. There is so much wrong w this family. POPPY is full is S**T. He basically keeps Karen barefoot and pregnant and has perhaps moved his “boyfriend” into the house. There is definitely a “closet” vibe between big poppy and the honorary Dericco. The kids are controlled and sheltered. The children seem very immature and NOT well educated. For goodness sakes, subtitles are needed for the 4 year olds who speak like 2-3 year olds. . Ditto for the other kids. Their general knowledge seems to be lagging far behind most kids of the same ages. Can Karen really homeschool effectively? Poppy (SMDH) likes keeping the kids at home ALL TOGETHER, cult-like, in order to prevent interactions and experiences w others. They are being DICTATED to! These kids are not being socialized. They are dependent on one another. The 16 year old daughter is troublesome to watch. She’s boy crazy, desperate for attention and affection and lags FAR behind in knowledge and maturity. She spoke of wanting a baby!!! This is NOT normal. There is NO WAY these kids are getting the parental attention and affection needed, nor are they afforded the privacy and quiet time that children need. Heck, this family doesn’t even share meals in a bonding way. Crappy food is basically tossed at them, while Poppy holds the floor. No conversation EVER. TLC is despicable promoting this family. Karen and “poppy” are basically grifters and I don’t get why TLC is falling for it….. oh yeah….RATINGS…. this family is a train wreck, not endearing . The parents were also trying to “blame” doctors for not “catching” their child’s head deformity….I sensed “lawsuit”…. Ahh so the attentive “parents” didn’t “notice” this child’s head-shape??? I sure thought it was odd from the moment I saw the little boy… I’m willing to bet these kids DONT have health insurance and don’t visit pediatricians regularly if at all. Then again, they have their genius parents to take care of things. After the Disney episode and watching Poppy dictate which rides and attractions the family would visit was all I could take. I just can’t watch any longer. The show frustrates me and makes me sad for the children.

  7. With their horrible credit from all the foreclosures, will a bank really give them money to start a Family Fun Park? Plus buy a house at Atlantic Beach/ Kingstree area and fly everyone back and forth a couple of times a year. Seems like they love throwing TLC’s money around!! They should be saving for 14 kids’ college funds!

    1. How do you know if they have money for college? Have you seen their bank or investement statements? The husband owns a company and works. You don’t see the mother working a job because she homes schools multiple children and has babies. It wouldn’t even make financial sense for her to work. You’re judgmental and miserable without having all of the facts.

      1. Owns a company? He apparently owns 2 rental properties (houses). That’s fact. His rentals probably cover their own mortgages with a bit left over for profit. Because someone claims to own a “company” does not: actually mean they own a company by legal definition nor does that mean the “company” is profitable. Listening and observing Poppy is enough to lead many viewers to believe that he is all smoke and mirrors. This man is the control freak of his own kingdom. BTW, it’s fact that their current house has been foreclosed by the bank. ANYONE who allows their home to be foreclosed, especially w a ton of kids, isn’t considered successful by any informed person. I’d say college savings are out of the question. You can’t save when you don’t have a surplus.

      2. Well this family lives off their kids money they get from the government and they are really bad people for filing bankruptcy many many times. I guess you don’t realize how many people they hurt by the thousands of dollars by filing bankruptcy. These people are frauds and users. TLC should needs to cancel this show.

    2. Stop gossiping about details you know NOTHING about..
      Mind your own business and leave this beautiful family alone!!!!

  8. Wow, this is outrageous. Sounds like the Duggers. Why does TLC do this? Remember the one show that TLC paid for her surgeries? New body and hair style. She was pregnant with 6 babies after having twins.

  9. I read articles about this family but I can’t stomach the show. Last year I saw online about their house foreclosure and their 5 bankruptcies. But they keep increasing their family size. She’s had 7 miscarriages; her last 3 pregnancies have ended in miscarriages. I want to tell her “Please stop getting pregnant.” Today I read that the kids are homeschooled. How does one person manage all of those children’s education? Not good…

  10. As if having 14 children (and trying for MORE) isn’t irresponsible enough…let’s go to DISNEY World while our HOUSE is in FORECLOSURE….! Simply ridiculous.

  11. Wow!!! My dream vacation is to take my 5 grandbabies to Disney……the key word being a “dream” there is no way I could afford that let alone 14 kids. I guess the secret to getting what you want in this world is be corrupt, file bankruptcy over and over and have your house foreclosed on!!! I am to honest for that and pay my debt! So until I hut the lottery that Disney trip will have to wait!!! These people should be ashamed. But if society and the legal system let’s you get by with it, then why not!!!

  12. What kind of example is being set for the children? People fall on hard times and bankruptcy maybe necessary but not 5x!! Then to have such lavish vacation and vow renewal, while you’re home is in foreclosure!! Just ridiculous!!

  13. I say they are a wonderful family!! Why do you have to ruin everybody? This world would be a better place if we would live and love instead of looking to put down others. Leave them alone. I applaud them and their family. Everyone has had issues and especially over these past few years. Let’s go through the garbage of the person who reported this! Please. Leave this wonderful family alone! God bless them

  14. Wow!!! Yall are pretty judgemental on such LITTLE FACTS!

    Just enjoy th show and mind yo bizness!! (spelling intentional)

  15. I’m waiting for a nice show about a family with foster kids who value education and ethics above flash and dash. I apologize, but I see NOTHING admirable about having so many babies that the older kids obviously end up raising the younger ones while mom is pregnant all the time and sad (must be?) working. I wouldn’t watch this show ever. Yuck!

    1. Your judging a large biological family like there aren’t plenty of shit hole foster families. I would know as a former foster child. Stop with the blanket statements. Foster parents are no better. Most do it for the money. At least biological parents of large families chose life and chose love. Stop being jealous because they are in the limelight.

  16. If you don’t like the show and the people on the show, here’s an idea just don’t watch it. We as a society are now so mean and so judgmental. We don’t even know these people. Times are hard for most of us. We’re all just doing the best we can. People afford what they want to afford. They purchase clothes that they can’t afford. People go on trip that they can’t afford. They purchase houses and cars that they can’t afford. What makes them any different? Oh because they’re on tv. They are still human. Just something to think about before hating on people we don’t really know.

  17. I certainly commend the Derricos for how well mannered their children are. I hope things work out for them to keep their home 🏡. I love watching the family on TLC.

  18. OMG, have they contacted you to assist with any of their obligations. You probably are blessed enough to have this perfect life, perfect credit score and no missteps along the way. All your affairs are in perfect order. His profession is real estate, less we forget Covid shut down the world for 1 to 1’1/2 yrs. So if his properties had renters not paying because of pandemic and rent moratoriums – where is money going to come from. The kids deserve a vacay-all the family for that matter, as Karen deserved a wedding. Sounds like jealousy. I’m guessing TLC paid. I dont hear any of these digs when other folk get face lift, butt lifts, breat implants and or nose jobs , lipo…

  19. I think the wife deserves a break an everything the wedding brought. She has had 14 children not to mention the miscarriages an lost children. So if TLC is footing the bill good for them they should it’s like any other job the family is providing a service. As for the allegations regarding the fostered child this is the first I’ve heard of this an of course would not agree if they used a child. I will check into this an voice what I find.

  20. It’s journalists like you that really know how to sour something good and just ruin images of people. For a hot minute there, my view of them completely changed and that’s horrible. They teach their children really good things. They teach them the important things that matter. They are loving and supportive. They teach their kids how to be normal. What it means to be a man or a woman. You’ve got all these woke people completely destroying the nuclear family and encouraging girls to become boys and boys to become girls. Now that’s really disgusting. Foreclosing on a house is not disgusting. Every family has skeletons but this family has more positives then most. Leave them be and go worry about your kid wanting to cut off his penis to make a fake vagina.

    1. Thank you! With all the hate filled garbage we are forced to see on TV these days it has been refreshing to see wholesome programming promoting traditional family values! Who cares about their financial situation, I’m just enjoying the show! For those haters who can’t just enjoy the show at face value please just stop watching and stop ruining it for those of us who watch for entertainment and don’t have time to dig so deep! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Hopefully the Derricos’ will address these issues (foreclosure, bankruptcies and fraud) and TLC will allow the now adult fostered/adoptee give their side of the story if they choose.

    1. They will never address these issues because they are both grifters. They can never admit the truth because that explodes their facade. Their kids are brainwashed and that’s exactly how poppy likes it. Being the king of the castle is what gets poppy off. He knows he could never hold any sort of power or influence over real world colleagues and peers. TLC has given them a platform that enables them to paint their false narrative. I’m sure “poppy” does his best to keep everyone in the dark, including Karen. He’s one of those “it’s them, not me” people. Even GIgi doesn’t recognize how diabolical her son is. I really feel for these kids, especially their eldest daughter.

  22. I’ll hold my opinion on the allegations until all the facts are out and with that said I still adore the children and all the love in this large family because there’s absolutely no denying that

  23. TLC is paying for everything. These people are grifters who are having kids to keep getting paid. I’m not surprised that they abused a foster child or messed up the child’s credit. I have never seen either of them work. The father looks gay and the mother is so thin and doesn’t seem to eat much so I don’t know how she even had milk to breastfeed.

  24. I love Deon and Karen they are amazing.. Live this family alone.. writing this peice will probably give you a pay check.. I know everyone has to eat.. once again leave it alone. It’s none of our business anyways. If you don’t like the show stop watching but for me I will continue watching. Thanks for the negative article. But I’m keeping positive and I’m Down With The Derricos… Period.

  25. I think it’s their money. If they want to burn the houses down and shred their money who are we to judge? Negative press shows the true character of the writer. Just be blessed and leave people alone 😔

  26. TLC should be paying fie everything! Do you think the Kardashians work on those shows for free. What they are doing is incredible! It’s remarkable to have that many children, triplets, twins quads and all survive and be healthy. I see a lot of families that have the moral belief that all that God gives, they will receive. They are smart, well mannered and respect their parents. Yes lots of people have been bankrupt, including some very rich people. All these complaints sound like envy. Get a life and leave that beautiful family alone!

  27. Love watching the show. Pray all works out for them and their children.That’s not our job to judge others. I will keep my mouth shut!!

  28. Their priorities are all wrong!!! The wedding was unnecessary when you can’t bring your mortgage current.

  29. It is truly sad how people have nothing else to do but talk and try to ruin other people that they know nothing about. I thank God that he is not a man or women, because none of us would be here. Some of you probably say you are a good person, but you wouldn’t know it by all the muck written here…..sad sad sad. People remember the golden rule ! If you don’t want people talking about and treating you like what you are doing…then just stop it

  30. The Derrico family did not pay for the Disney Trip or for the trip to South Carolina – all of it (including transportation ) was paid by TLC and a combination of Disney – every penny!

    The marriage renewal and also the ring that was given were also paid for by TLC and Disney also chipped in as well.

    Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

    This show continues because of the children.

    Not everyone is who you think they are!

    Don’t believe everything you see on TV!

    If you don’t like the show – the best way of stopping this show is to stop watching it. It continues because of ratings.

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