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‘Body Parts’ 100 Mph Car Crash Victim, Needs Extensive Face Repair

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The newest episode of TLC’s Body Parts highlights a case with a victim of a 100-mile-per-hour car crash. He is hoping to change his appearance with the help of anaplastologist Allison Vest and an extensive facial repair.

About TLC’s Body Parts 

TLC recently debuted a new show titled Body Parts. The show stars Allison Vest, an anaplastologist. Anaplastologists focus on prosthetic rehabilitation. After accidents and injuries, Allison uses her knowledge and skills to repair missing or damaged body parts.

The end goal is to transform patients’ lives in multiple ways. Prosthetics can improve their physical abilities while giving them a psychological boost as well. Each episode focuses on a unique, real-life case.

Body Parts, YouTube

Daniel’s Tragic Car Crash & Fresh Start

On the Wednesday, April 13 episode of Body Parts, Daniel visits Allison to get a fresh start and a new look after a tragic accident. He is the victim of a 100-mile-per-hour car crash.

He explains to Allison, “So I flipped a car at 100 miles an hour with no seatbelt on. With an open sunroof.” After this traumatic event, he was left with some facial damage. Daniel currently has a silver eye, but he still wants to make some changes.

She explains that she’s worked with car accident victims in the past. However, she adds, “They’ve never been as extreme as Daniel’s case.”

Because he’s content with his silver eye, Allison is ready to make another small transformation in his life. She has Daniel smile and show her various facial expressions.

Daniel is hoping to get an eyebrow prosthesis. Allison believes that this will “have a very big impact,” no matter how big or small it is.

Allison explains, “Eyebrows are a very integral part of someone’s face. They are very essential to facial symmetry and facial recognition.”

To make the eyebrow prosthesis, the Body Parts anaplastologist will need to take some of the hair from Daniel’s head.

You can take a peek at his story in this trailer. To catch the rest of the transformation, you can tune into TLC on Wednesday, April 13.

You can check out the Body Parts series trailer below.

So, have you been enjoying TLC’s new show, Body Parts? What do you think of this new case? Share your thoughts n the comments section below. For more news about all of your favorite TLC shows and stars, come back to TV Shows AceDon’t miss new episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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  1. Tonight’s episode was amazing. Was definitely heart felt, with so much triumph. Daniels story is definitely touching with the truth of ups and downs on life and how sometimes playing roulette with the bottle after changing your life isn’t worth it definitely a positive story to share. I’m glad she could help him… hopefully he can use his story in a more positive light moving forward… the chapters over time to turn the page and move forward… wonderful storyline. Good luck to all in the episode:)

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