Worried Fans Beg Amy Halterman ‘Do Right By Gage’

1000-Lb. Sisters fans love getting to see Amy Halterman’s son, Gage. TLC viewers have been watching the little been growing since he was born. Over the last two seasons of the show, fans have grown attached to Amy Halterman’s son, and seem to have enjoyed watching her develop into her role as a mother. Yesterday, on Instagram, Amy posted a snapshot of her sun that suddenly has her followers concerned. Why are Amy’s Instagram followers begging her to ‘Do right’ by her son? Read on to get the details.

Fans Question Amy Halterman’s Ability To Count

On Sunday, Amy Halterman’s Instagram followers were welcomed to their feed with a huge helping of adorable. In her latest social media post, the TLC star posted a candid snapshot of her son, Gage. In the photo, Amy is in the background, holding her son. Only part of her face is visible. Gage is wearing a colorful, matching two-piece clothing set emblazoned with s sunglasses-wearing shark and palm trees. He appears quite content and slightly sleepy as he sits in his mother’s lap, staring at the camera.

Photo Credit: TLC

“I can’t believe mama’ s baby boy is 17 mo old today,” Amy wrote, her heart full of joy,” I thank god every day for being him in my life. Could never ask for a better baby. Soon to be babies. Gage dada and mama love you so much.”

Amy’s fans cooed over the adorable snap of  Gage, complimenting her on having such an adorable tot. “Wow,” exclaimed one supportive fan, “He looks like Mike so much! Can’t wait for a new season to show off #2 and see Tammy’s progress!”

Unfortunately, not everyone who saw the post had such nice things to say – there were some for instance who called out Amy for being a glutton for attention. They accuse her of using the baby to garner social interest and making an ‘overly big deal’ about her son’s age.

“A year and a half… he’s a year and a half. Stop counting months,” said one begrudging follower.

“i knew someone who referred to their child as 48 months before 😂 so I see what you mean, hopefully, she starts counting years,” coyly agreed a second.

Please… ‘Do Right By Gage’ Beg Fans

While most of Amy Halterman’s followers were enamored by her adorable photo share, not everyone felt the need to be positive. In addition to those already critiquing Amy about her word choice in regards to her son’s age – one fan even opted to point out how ‘unhealthy’ they felt Gage was.

“He’s so cute but getting a little chunky. Do the right thing for that boy.” 

Photo Credit: Instagram

Sadly, this has been a common theme among commenters on Amy’s posts over the last few months. Viewers are convinced that because Amy allowed herself to become as large as she did — she will create the same reality for her son. From about six months forward, naysayers online began commenting on Gage’s weight, many of the opinion that he was quickly becoming ‘chunky.’ 

Photo Credit: Instagram

Thankfully for Amy, Many of her fans were quick to defend her. They pointed out that most babies are ‘chunky’ and that Gage looks absolutely healthy.

Amy Halterman has been the target of a lot of ‘Mom-Shaming’ lately. Internet trolls have taken to stalking her social media posts, especially those her son is in. In the recent past, they harassed her over letting her son play with a ‘used toilet brush.’ The item in question showed up on the floor in the background of a photo she shared on Instagram. Turns out, it wasn’t a toilet brush at all. It was a pretend marshmallow toaster from a campfire toy set. Amy would later make a post to correct those throwing shade on the original photo.


What did you think about Amy’s photo? Do you think that viewers are right to point out her son’s size? Tell us in the comments!



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