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‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ Vannessa Cross Shows Off Her New Baby

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1000-Lb. Best Friends may be done for the season, but fans still want to know about the cast members. What are Meghan Crumper and Vannessa Cross up to these days?

Keep reading to find out some exciting news that Vannessa had to share online.

Vannessa Cross has some really exciting news to share with her followers

Fans felt really drawn to Vannessa over the course of 1000-Lb. Best Friends Season 1. She could have a crude mouth at times, but she was always honest with her friends and had a lot of body positivity to share. Vannessa was always the friend to lift the other women up and make them feel confident in themselves.

Vannessa Cross/Instagram

Now, fans are really excited for the TLC star. She recently showed off a major purchase of hers — affectionately referred to as her “baby.”

“My new baby 2006 Ford 500 L,” Vannessa captioned a photo series of her new vehicle.

Vanessa Cross/Instagram

Fans poured out their well wishes and congratulated Vannessa on her new purchase.

“Vannessa, you are so cool,” one fan wrote. “I look up to you and kind of wish we were friends. You are so kind to the people around you, because you understand pain, and you love deeply. ❤️🔥 you are amazing 👏”

Several TLC stars get pretty unkind messages on their photos, so it’s pretty refreshing to see the Instagram community really rally behind Vannessa.

All season long, fans watched Vannessa struggle to get a handle on her health and start making the right choices. It was really satisfying to see her earn her bariatric surgery. And it seems like she’s making wiser decisions with money now too. Her new car is very well-deserved!

Keep following Vannessa Cross online for more life updates. Her show may be over for now, but it really seems like she’s thriving at the moment.

Where will the TLC show go from here?

1000-Lb. Best Friends viewers really fell in love with Vannessa Cross this season. She showed incredible vulnerability and growth and many people really connected with her story.So what can we expect from the show’s future? Will Vannessa, Meghan, and the rest of the women be back for a second season? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet.

1000-Lb. Best Friends wrapped up on a pretty happy note, which fans appreciated. If the show doesn’t come back, fans at least have some closure.

The show didn’t perform as well as its sister show, 1000-Lb. Sisters. But it’s possible that could change over time.

Do you hope TLC will renew 1000-Lb. Best Friends? Would you like to see more of Vannessa Cross and her weight loss journey? Be sure to let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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  1. I have a problem with Vanessa’s use of the word gd. Everyone knows what I mean by that. You will bleep out s#@t but you will not bleep out the most offensive word anyone can say! I’m done with this show!

  2. I love Vanessa she is very sweet and kind and loving i love the show better then 1000 pound sisters please put 1000 pound bestfriend back on please vanessa come to dallas tx so we can turn up

    1. I really enjoyed 1000-lb best friends all the ladies are sweet and funny . And I want to keep following them on their Journey …. so please let there be a sec season ….

  3. I’d take this show over 1000lb Sisters any day. The journey was real and I’d personally like to see more of it. Very real women with real lives and real issues. Vanessa is a baddie for sure. A whole lotta one no matter how much she slims down. I forgive her her sometimes vulgar mouth for her tremendous self acceptance and confidence. Bring these ladies back. I look forward to watching (fingers crossed).

  4. Please bring the show back for a second season. I really enjoy watching the girls and wish them the best! I need to see how Vanessa is doing since her surgery!

  5. Please! Bring back this show! Vanessa can be crude but she’s honest and real. I love all 4 friends on this show. You can take off 1000 Sisters the only one I will miss is the progress of the brother. Tammy is a “B” and will never lose the weight with or without surgery. Amy is too into having babies and will not lose anymore weight! Please bring Vanessa and the girls back! At least they try!

  6. I certainly hope that 1000lb best friends return for another season. I’ve grown quite fond of these gals. I just love to watch them as they struggle with their weight loss journeys and everyday life situations. God Bless y’all and hope to see you soon.

  7. I certainly hope that 1000lb best friends return for another season. I’ve grown quite fond of these gals. I just love to watch them as they struggle with their weight loss journeys and everyday life situations. God Bless y’all and hope to see you soon.

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