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One Of Aspyn Brown Thompson’s Mothers Skipped Her Graduation

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A graduation is a very special time in a person’s life. Aspyn Brown Thompson graduated from college in 2019 and her family was by her side to support her.

Well, almost everyone in the family. Her husband, father, and several siblings joined her. But only three of Kody Brown’s wives attended. Who was missing from the graduation photos and why? Keep reading for more.

The family happily celebrates Aspyn Brown Thompson’s special day — but someone is definitely missing

If you follow the Brown children online, you can see them uplifting their family members and celebrating their accomplishments. Ysabel Brown happily shared great photos on Aspyn’s special day.

Ysabel Brown/Instagram

But not every family member made it to the ceremony. All the Browns squeezed together for a great family portrait, but fans couldn’t help but notice that Robyn was missing. So what exactly happened there?

Ysabel Brown/Instagram

Reddit users and other fans deduced Robyn probably stayed home to take care of the other children. After all, not all the kids are present. And Robyn’s own children are significantly younger than the grown children the rest of the sister wives share. Attending a college graduation definitely wouldn’t have been much fun for them.

Do you think this is the most likely scenario? Or was there another reason that Robyn opted to stay behind? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We are always interested in hearing what you think about the Browns.

What’s the family up to these days?

Aspyn Brown Thompson is no longer on Instagram, but you can still catch up with her from time to time. It seems like she’s really involved with her family members and you can sometimes catch glimpses of her in their posts.

Most recently, Aspyn went on a family outing to Disney. Her husband Mitch, mother Christine, and several siblings joined in. It really seems like she and Mitch are living their best lives at the moment and are happy on their own.

Aspyn’s mother Christine is no longer married to Kody Brown — and Sister Wives fans are rejoicing. Viewers really hated watching Kody being horrible to his wives, apart from Robyn. Many viewers hope that the rest of the wives will follow suit, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point in time.

Even though Christine left the family, some Sister Wives fans believe her move actually saved the show at the end of the day. Fans could only take so much of Kody’s hateful treatment.

For more on Aspyn Brown Thompson and the rest of the Sister Wives family, keep following us online. We will be here to keep you filled in as soon as we hear anything new!

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