The Real Reason Kody Brown Goes Home To Robyn?

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown Sister Wives

During Season 16 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown was primarily living at Robyn’s home. She claimed it was taking a toll on her as this was not what she signed up for. However, was it really the pandemic and the way Robyn lives that has kept Kody staying at her house? Redditors think there is there more to it.

Kody Brown Stops The Rotation

When the pandemic began, Kody decided he was going to be the only one to rotate homes. He believed it would be safer for him, the four wives, and all of the children. Unfortunately, he felt some of his kids were not observing the safety precautions properly. Over at Janelle’s home, her sons, Gabe and Garrison had lives outside of the house. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend while Garrison worked and eventually needed papers to drive during the lockdown. Kody felt they were being too social but Janelle wanted them to maintain their day-to-day as if everything was okay.

kody brown sister wives youtube
kody brown sister wives youtube

As for Christine, he believed she was traveling way too much for his liking and was putting the family at risk. With Meri, they had virtually no relationship other than a friendship so he rarely went to see her. Ultimately, he ended up staying at Robyn’s home, referring to her as the “obedient” wife. Their five children also followed his pandemic protocols so properly that he knew there was very little risk. For Robyn, it seemed to be a little bit much as she vented to Janelle and Meri at separate times. Meri said she would gladly take him off her hands which fans viewed as desperate. Yet was safety really why Kody stayed?

Just For Safety?

Though Kody Brown maintained he stayed at Robyn’s for almost nine months straight was for familial safety, Redditors believe there was more to it. A Reddit thread was started based on the idea that he goes to Robyn’s solely for the ego boost. She knows how to make him feel good right off the bat and that’s what he likes. Christine used to do that before she started saying no to him and yes to herself. “Robyn is his favorite because he gets to live out the fantasy of who he is in his head there. Even her kids indulge him,” one commented. Another added: “I agree, but I think she lets him think he’s in charge and she’s submissive. But she’s actually the one wearing the pants.”

Kody Brown Kisses Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
One Redditor wondered what will happen at the end when the show closes out for good and his children are officially over him. Will he turn on Robyn, as well? Others pointed out that Kody has no need to leave his peace with Robyn to be with wives whom he has to “work on things” with. The thread concludes with this: “Because she kisses his butt and fawns all over him. I don’t know who’s more nauseating, her or him.”

Do you think Kody stays with Robyn because she coddles him or for genuine love and safety? Let us know in the comments.





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  1. That’s not the reason the real reason is that Robyn is the only one who wants him the other two don’t want anything to do with his no good ass anymore Christine was smart to leave and I applaud her for that and eventually the other 2 will leave also.

    1. I agree, I do think Robyn is more subservient to him and he likes that, I hope she will start putting herself first and stand up to him because he’s a total jerk!

  2. Robin is the only one he cares glad Christine divorsed him .merri and janelle should divorse him too.he is such an ass and treat them badly. .only cares about cry baby Robin.cryes too get her way
    She has destroyed this family from Day one.

    1. Meri and janelle aren’t even married to him, so divorce is necessary. They can just walk away! He probably stayed with Robin because she’s his newest wife and love hasn’t grown col toward her yet!

  3. I Was under the impression that the show was sister wives not Cody wines I used to enjoy the show but it’s so stupid now ladies do what you want to do you are capable human beings Cody needs a hair cut and needs to realize he’s not a teenager anymore give up the coddling to Cody believe me he’ll be ok

  4. Kody and Robyn are sexually together he is going to stay where he gets that
    And gets the most attention
    So there you go!!’
    He’s living with Robyn because she
    Flots his boat as you will

    1. Mari is the most pathetic one she needs to just walk off she didn’t even sheet she just text somebody and he can’t forgive that yet he got for why she need to walk off and leave them all of them need to do it and Robin needs to get a backbone

  5. I think that the other 2 wives needs to leave his ass. He treats them really bad. Shows them no love nothing. I am glad Christine left him and is starting her new life. Way to go girl you are very strong and so are the other two wives. Let Cody deal with his cry baby wife Robyn.

  6. This whole thing makes me sad 😔 for all of them. As they drifted from the church, they seemed to lose the vision of they were creating in the first place. All the wives should have had concerns when Cody turned his back on Mary and encouraged the rest of the family to shun her. That should have sent up red flags everywhere. After all if he will do it to her, yall are fair game. I understand Christine’s choice. The whole thing fell apart when Cody stopped leading his family and left them all to fend for themselves. He went from one house, one family to I want my own house and yall can do whatever cuz I don’t care. I think he believes that he is good with monogamy with Robin…I wonder if he’s ever checked in with her about it. Perhaps he’s just cleaning out the nest to make room for some younger “childbearing chick’s”. Grrrr…Cody you failed! Boo to you!

  7. Kody is use to his wives following his commands with little to no pushback. But the reality is his wives are at a different place.. the kids are older and now they can focus on themselves more, that’s exactly what they are doing, Janelle & Christine only, and Kody doesn’t like it. He is no longer the King!

  8. Kody disgusts me…his ego is ginormous and he want his women submissive! It has been reported numerous times he is headhunting for another younger wife so maybe soon Robyn will be on the outside looking in also. He acts like he has been the best husband to all his wives and that is so far from the truth. It is ALWAYS about Kodys wants, needs and demands. I applaud Christine for leaving and I wish Meri and Janelle would tell him “So Long” but I don’t feel they are strong enough to totally cut ties with him. And unfortunately I find it hard to feel sorry for them if they don’t stand up for themselves. Kody fell off his pedestal a long time ago don’t you think? Oh and when he couldn’t be with his child during her very dangerous surgery that sealed the deal on my dislike of this man!

  9. Meri is only there for the money! I don’t think she minds at all being pathetic when she is picking up her paycheck. I think Cody wanted to downsize…he obviously was not happy. Covid gave him the perfect OUT to accomplish this and this was demonstrated as the show progressed.

  10. Cody had a plan when he moved everyone into separate houses. If he truly had intentions to remain romantically involved with the other 3 wives he would have found a home large enough to accommodate the entire family when they made the move to Las Vegas. He has a reason for everything he does. He just wants to try to make the public thi k that we’re stupid. His children are getting old enough now to know how he works. His oldest son hasn’t shown or been spoken of for years. There’s a reason for that I would say!

  11. Cody, you need to get a live and need to let your success go do that they can truly live. You are a teenager in an old man’s body. Your success deserve do much better than you.

  12. Robyn complained and cried so much to Kody about Christine and the other wives not kissing her ass that she caused Christine and Kody’s divorce…now Janelle is next because Janelle doesn’t want to be Robyn’s friend…Robyn will smile in their face and bad mouth them to Kody.

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