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Is Audrey Roloff Pregnant With Baby #4?

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Might Little People, Big World alums Jeremy and Audrey Roloff be expecting baby number four already? Audrey might be dropping hints online.

Right now, Jeremy and Audrey have three kids. Their oldest, Ember is four years old. Next, they have Bode, who is two years old. They also have a five-month-old son, Radley.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

On Instagram on Sunday, April 10, Audrey Roloff shared a new photo of Radley as he turned five months old. The little guy is laying on a milestone blanket, which features the numbers one through 12 in a circle around him. Audrey has placed a wreath around the five to show that he’s five months old.

He’s wearing a pear-printed one-piece outfit, paired with little brown moccasin shoes. He has a huge smile on his face as his mom snaps a photo.

In her caption, Audrey mentions that none of her kids have gotten her red hair. She writes, “Still 0/3 for ginger babies… I know some of y’all see a twinge of red😆 but this was exactly how all the kids were as babies and then they just go full blonde. I actually think Radley’s hair is the darkest so far!”

Audrey Roloff drops hints about her future babies.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

At the end of her post, Audrey adds, “Where are my fellow redheads with no red headed kids at?”

Then, she teased, “Maybe the next one?😜”

So, it sounds like more babies are in Audrey and Jeremy’s future. She often talks about wanting to have a baby with red hair like she has.

Audrey hasn’t announced a pregnancy yet, so it doesn’t seem like she’s pregnant just yet. And Radley is only five months old. There are about two years between Ember and Bode and roughly two years between Bode and Radley, too. So, it’s likely that Audrey and Jeremy will stick to the same age gaps if possible.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether Audrey is pregnant now or if she will be soon. So, fans will just have to wait and see what happens. Based on her caption, it sounds like the LPBW alums are planning to have more children.

So, do you think that Audrey Roloff will be pregnant again soon? Do you think she will ever get her redheaded baby? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Roloff family news, come back to TV Shows Ace

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