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‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Trina’s Heated And Harmony’s Racing

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General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 11 hint there’s chaos on the way for many Port Charles residents. A couple of bombshells have recently dropped that will soon shake things up, and all signs point toward intense confrontations on the horizon.

Harmony’s Secrets Keep Causing Chaos

The latest Twitter preview for General Hospital reveals that there will be an intense battle at Charlie’s for Sonny and Brando. Someone shows up to cause trouble at the bar. However, it looks as if they are no match for Sonny when Brando is available to step up and help.

Another battle is escalating as Nina battles Michael and Willow over access to Wiley. As General Hospital fans had speculated for some time now, Nina gave birth to twins all those years ago. It also turns out Harmony was working with Madeline in the baby placement scheme.

Credit: General Hospital YouTube
Credit: General Hospital YouTube

Nina does not know yet, but Willow and Nelle were twins separated at birth. General Hospital spoilers tease Nina will have another confrontation with Michael and Willow, standing firm in her willingness to do essentially whatever it takes to get time with Wiley. Nina and Sonny’s relationship will take another hit in the days ahead as well.

Harmony’s kept some big secrets all these years, but General Hospital spoilers suggest they may start catching up with her. She killed Neil, and she knew about Nina’s twins, and she may not be able to keep up with all her lies soon. SheKnows Soaps notes she’ll scramble to figure out a new plan, but she may soon run out of ways to keep her schemes going.

General Hospital Spoilers Hint At Significant Relationship Developments

Viewers can expect a tense confrontation involving Trina and Spencer this week too. She’ll question how he can remain with Esme after all that’s happened, while Esme’s scheming continues. General Hospital spoilers indicate Ava will lend support to Trina again and it sounds as if Trina will need it. Some new sort of evidence pops up, perhaps planted evidence, that leads Jordan and Dante to believe in Trina’s guilt even more.

There may be some hints of romance on the horizon for the week of April 11 too. General Hospital spoilers reveal Britt will work with Brad on some type of matchmaking scheme, and Obrecht will pop up to ask about her daughter’s love life. The gym will be the place to be as Chase, Brook Lynn, Maxie, Austin, and Spinelli end up there together. When will Chase and Brook Lynn finally give in to the chemistry that’s been building between them?

General Hospital spoilers also detail developments with Sasha and Brando, Carly, and the investigation into Luke’s death. It seems there’s something for everyone during the week of April 11 and fans won’t want to miss a moment of the chaos ahead.

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