Aspyn Brown’s Husband Mitch Is A Lean Mean Fighting Machine?

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Aspyn Brown has stayed pretty under the radar since she married Mitch Thompson. Yes, their wedding was a big Sister Wives to-do but other than that, the couple stays relatively low-key. They seem to like it that way after she grew up in the limelight. However, Mitch has been doing a lot of work on himself and he is more than happy to share his achievements.

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Aspyn Brown- From Teenager To Bride

Viewers first met Aspyn when she was a teen in 2010. As Christine’s eldest daughter, she felt she held a lot of responsibility when the mothers were not around. This was a very rare occasion but it did happen. The worst experience was when they left and Truely fell ill. It seemed she could have had the flu but ultimately, she went into kidney failure. Though Kody was around, Aspyn could not help but blame herself since it was her home. Footage showed Kody napping at Robyn’s as Christine was trying to reach him to let him know the severity of the situation. As time went by, Aspyn developed into a beautiful young woman and college student.

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson
Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson

She was thriving and somewhere along reconnected with Mitch. The two actually grew up going to church together but had drifted apart. When they saw each other as adults, Aspyn made sure to seek him out. From there, it was love and the two got married in Utah in June 2018. They had Scottish touches as an homage to Mitch, according to People Magazine and he wore a kilt. While adjusting to married life, Aspyn developed a love for cooking while finishing up her last year of college. Most recently, she was seen on Season 16 of SW to surprise Ysabel after her scoliosis surgery. She and Mitch also hosted Thanksgiving 2020. Now, he is back in the spotlight for conquering a huge goal.

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Mitch Goes For Gold

Recently, Aspyn Brown and her husband, Mitch joined her family at Disney World to celebrate her birthday. They were all beaming but behind the scenes, Mitch was doing something amazing. He was competing in his first Muay Thai competition. In the end, he had one win and one loss which is pretty incredible. He shared the big news via Instagram along with videos of the day. He also added how close the decision was, losing by a split. Mitch shared it has been such an “amazing experience” and he has had a great team.

His family and followers have had nothing but support for him. Aspyn’s brother, Logan had this to say: “This is awesome man! Well done!” Aspyn chimed in, as well: “Oh my gosh. I am so proud of you babe!! You have made an addict of me… I really like watching you fight & am already looking forward to your next fight.”

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