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‘The Little Couple’ 2022 Update: Where Are They Now?

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The Little Couple hasn’t returned to TLC since 2017, so fans are desperate for a 2022 update on where the family is now. Fans love Jen Arnold, her husband Bill Klein, and their two children Will and Zoey. It has been nearly five years since The Little Couple Season 12 aired and fans still yearn for news of Season 13. Was the series officially canceled? Is there a reason Bill Klein and Jen Arnold stopped filming? According to Jen Arnold’s Instagram activity, fans constantly badger her in the comments for news of a return to TV.

So, what has The Little Couple family been up to? Keep reading for our 2022 update on where they are now and if we know anything about why they stopped filming.

Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

Did a lawsuit cause the show to be canceled?

Just last year, fans thought Jen Arnold was dropping hints on social media that the family would return to TV. To date, it appears as though fans were wrong. This, however, leaves one big question. Why did the show stop in the first place? According to The Sun, controversy may have been what squashed the series. Turns out, the couple spent three years in a messy legal battle with the production company.

The outlet goes on to reveal the legal issue dated even further back than that when the producer LMNO Cable Group sued Discovery Communications for a grand total of $7 million. Things got messy when Jen Arnold and Bill Klein believed they should have been entitled to some of the money. So, they proceeded to go after the producer for their share of the funds.

The Little Couple Credit: Jen Arnold IG

According to a separate report by The Sun from 2020, the couple and the producer ended up settling during a mediation. So, the lawsuit was dropped. Fans assume the messy legal drama played a huge role in why the family never returned to TLC.

The Little Couple 2022 update: Where are they now?

One big thing that changed with The Little Couple and where they are now is where they live. As InTouch Weekly reminds us, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein had a really difficult move to Boston. It was difficult because Jen Arnold had to have hip replacement revision surgery amid the chaos. As we’ve previously reported, Jen recently took to Instagram to update on her status post-surgery.

Jen Arnold got super candid with her update telling fans the surgery and the recovery wasn’t easy. She, however, has the green light to return to her new job in Boston.

The easiest way to keep updated on The Little Couple family is to follow Jen Arnold on Instagram. While she isn’t as active as other former TLC personalities, she does make an effort to post a few times a month. About a week ago, she posted a photo of herself embracing her beautiful daughter Zoey.

Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

“Happy Doctors’ Day to all my dear friends, colleagues, mentors and future doctors!” She penned in the caption.

Are you bummed The Little Couple never returned to TLC? Are you happy to know you can still get updates on where Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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