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Robyn Brown Insisted Kody & Christine Get Official Church Divorce: Why?

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Sister Wives is getting more complicated amid Christine Brown’s departure from the family. Fans find Robyn Brown to be incredibly confusing right now — she appears to want to keep her place as the favorite wife, but also seems to genuinely want to keep the family together too.

And things keep getting worse from there. Robyn apparently wants Kody and Christine to get an official divorce through the church instead of separating.

But what are her motives here? Keep reading to find out a little bit more.

Robyn Brown’s religious convictions might be at work here

As Screenrant points out, Robyn Brown’s motivations might be directly linked to the church.

The Browns belong to the Apostolic United Brethren. Celestial marriages are a core part of that church. In other words, the Brown family believes that when Kody dies, he gets his own planet. Each of his wives will get to live there with him when they die, as long as they are spiritually sealed to him.

As long as Christine is still spiritually sealed to Kody, she could still be part of their afterlife. And Robyn may just have a problem with that.

It’s entirely possible she’s pushing Kody and Christine to get a divorce through the church so that Christine doesn’t live in their afterlife with them.

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Robyn Brown may want to be Kody’s only wife, but if she sticks to her religious beliefs, this probably won’t happen. Members of the Apostolic United Brethern believe that a man needs at least three wives to get into Heaven. There are still three wives in the Brown house, even now that Christine is gone.

Right now, it appears that the Browns are on the right track to achieving their celestial dreams in the afterlife. But if Christine can leave, then Meri and Janelle can too. We’ll all just need to keep watching to see what happens next.

Do the wives even really like each other at all?

Robyn Brown might be disappointed about losing a sister wife, but some fans think she never really liked Christine to begin with. A recent Reddit thread addressed how Robyn could be so catty to Christine, even before she left the family.

“First time SW viewer and I’m on season 4. I’m starting to notice in this season whenever Christine is talking on the couch, expressing how she feels about Kody, Robyn has a constant look of disapproval on her face towards Christine,” the original poster says. “Example: when they got Kody the laptop for his birthday and he didn’t react excited enough. Robyn sat there holy as hell saying she ‘knew Kody didn’t want a laptop’…. We get it Robyn. Sorry but she’s so unbearable, this is just a small example.”

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  1. Wow ! The man gets his own Planet 😂 . And his wives have to go ” his ” planet to me this sounds like torture for anyone tied to Kody

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