‘LPBW’ Fans Question How Audrey Roloff Managed To Write A Book

Audrey Roloff - YouTube/TLC

Why are people on Reddit questioning that Audrey Roloff actually authored her books? Keep reading to see why they are skeptical.

Audrey has co-authored three books alongside her husband, Jeremy. However, she seems to make simple grammar mistakes regularly.

Audrey Roloff Writes About Her Marriage

This pair of Roloffs have written three books together, including the New York Times bestseller A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively. Date Intentionally. Love Faithfully. You can also find the titles Creative Love: 10 Ways to Build a Fun and Lasting Love and Navigator’s Council A Marriage Journal under their names. The common theme across the trio is love and marriage.

Audrey Roloff - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Those who have heard about the books have been a bit skeptical. After all, not many people publish marriage advice books after just a couple of years of marriage. On Goodreads, some readers felt like some of the couple’s books have been rough to read. One person said A Love Letter Life was a “Longform Instagram post from an Instagram couple about how they JUST LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.”

Book reviews are subjective, but fans of Little People Big World have started to question whether Audrey is even capable of writing a book.

Fans Don’t Know How Audrey Managed To Write A Book

Even though she has a few bylines under her belt, LPBW fans aren’t sure how she could’ve possibly written a book. A screenshot of Audrey’s Instagram Story was posted to Reddit. Over the photo of a child’s hand in a salad bowl, Audrey wrote “When your helping ‘make’ the salad.” The Reddit post stated, “I’m usually not this snarky & I know it’s just insta stories, but I still use the correct ‘your/you’re’ and I’m not an ‘author’ lol.”

Audrey Roloff - Reddit

Credit: Reddit

It didn’t take long for other people to comment on the reality TV star’s mistake. “It is NOT THAT HARD. She is a terrible writer in every possible way,” one person said. Another added, “Let’s hope she just doesn’t home school her children..”

People pointed out that Audrey went to college and she still writes this way. “And, actually, Tori’s [Roloff] grammar is horrendous as well and she was a teacher!!!!!”

Other commenters hopped in to discuss the hygiene of the photo in general. People questioned why she would let her child who probably has dirty hands sit on the counter and stir salad that everyone else planned to eat with their bare hands. “Because it’s literally a staged photo op for her crappy Instagram,” one person theorized.

No matter what folks on Reddit have to say, Audrey is still a published author and New York Times bestseller. That success is undeniable. What do you think? Are people just hating on Audrey Roloff or is it really questionable that she wrote a book?

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