Garrison Brown Helps Janelle Prepare For Big Move

Garrison Brown Credit: Garrison IG

It was not too long ago that Garrison Brown was making moves of his own. He had finally saved up enough money for the down payment on his own place which was a real feat. Now he is helping his mama, Janelle with a move of her own in a full circle situation.

Garrison Brown- Independent Son

The one thing that Janelle has reiterated about Garrison is how independent he is. They only got him a car but he paid for everything else via the National Guard. His lifestyle choices became a huge topic of discussion during Season 15 of Sister Wives. He has moved back in with Janelle and his siblings Gabriel and Savanah. His goal was to keep working so he could save enough for a down payment on a home. Then the pandemic hit and he became an essential worker. So much so, he had to carry papers in his car so he could leave the house. Unfortunately, his father, Kody was not happy that he was choosing to work.

Garrison Brown Credit: Garrison Brown IG

This carried over to Season 16 where Kody believed that the kids should fend for themselves after the age of eighteen. It did not matter that some of Robyn’s kids were no longer minors but still lived at home. Kody reached the point where he wanted to evict both Gabe and Garrison but realized he couldn’t because it was not his home. Luckily, Janelle said she was not kicking her kids out especially when they needed her. Plus, Garrison was not being social, he was just working and saving so he should be respected. In the end, he achieved his goal.

Helping Mama Move

Last summer, Janelle Brown’s rental home was sold. Therefore, she decided to live the RV life and actually loved it. The RV was placed on the Coyote Pass property which was great. It was time it had been utilized. Now, Garrison Brown is helping his mom move again and it appears she is back at Coyote Pass. She posted a video on her Instagram and did not go into much detail other than she was moving back to the land. The mom of six shared she loved it there and that Garrison was helping her out with the move.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Last season, the wives and Kody had divided the space up into five lots as Kody decided he wanted one for himself. Now, Christine has left so there is no word as to what happens to hers. It will be exciting to see if Janelle lives the RV life again this summer. She seems overly excited about the adventures to come.

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  1. Yes they have it good my kids won’t help and we need to move but we can’t I have to hire something move us so we can’t move but it’s very nice to see them helping love ya

  2. Kody needs to helt janelle.oh i my goodf he onlywants Robin that cry baby.she is so stupid and Kody is such a bad husband.only res for Robin.cant Even help janelle.leave that should leave him too merri,he is so bad.a terribel husband

  3. Janelle and Mary you both need to move to coyote pass and split the property in half half for Janelle and half for Mary you both deserve every bit of that property from what Cody and Robin have put you both through. I know it has been so hard not being loved and being ignored by Cody and to know that Robin was behind everything. The cat fishing was because of the depression that getting a divorce can put you in so much of a mind trip. I know because I’ve gone through two of them because of loving both of them so much because I had a daughter with both of them because of them cheating and abusing me. I had to leave them when my first husband died my daughter found item’s he held on too and pictures of me when I was 18 when I first married him. He was married to another Debbie and everyone I know laughed about that. But, anyway you both need a new man if you both pick the same one then let it be. But, you both worked your butt’s off and you both deserve that land not Cody or Robin she has never worked in that family and what work did Cody do and who paid for that beautiful home the live in? You both (Mary and Janelle) deserve that land! NOT: Cody and Robin!!! Remember Mary they never gave you a loan and helped you when you ask to buy your family home but, Cody showed up like he help you but that so you didn’t get their helpat all!

  4. Congratulations to Christine and her children for finally making a courageous move. Janelle is a great mom and her children have a lot of respect for her. Hold your heads high ladies. I’m proud of you!!!

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