Fans Hope Jason Duggar’s Construction Skills Surpass His Poor Spelling

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Jason Duggar has recently put both his spelling and construction skills on display. Now, Counting On fans are concerned and hope that he’s able to build much better than he can spell.

For years, Duggar fans have questioned the kids’ education. They were homeschooled by their mother, Michelle Duggar. However, fans think that some of the older Duggar kids were actually responsible for educating the younger ones. So, they may not have gotten the best education, fans and critics say.

From their social media posts, however, fans have noticed that they don’t always get things right when it comes to spelling and grammar. It looks like many of them don’t utilize spellcheck on their phones or computers either because there have been many silly mistakes in the past. Jason has been called out online plenty of times before.

Now, Jason Duggar’s latest post has fans questioning his education and his abilities. Stick around to see what he said.

Jason Duggar Instagram

Jason Duggar has fans worried about his construction skills.

On social media this week, Jason Duggar shared a new photo and talked about his construction jobs. In the snap, he gave fans a peek as he worked on a new build home. Along with sharing the photo, the Duggar son wrote, “I have a great team working to build new construction homes, so greatful for my employees!”

In his post, he also tagged a couple of the guys who work with him, including Jackson Bates.

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

Over on Facebook, fans are chatting about Jason Duggar’s major spelling mistake. Instead of writing “greatful,” he should have said “grateful.” Fans are curious to know why his phone didn’t autocorrect that spelling error.

One Facebook user says, “I’d never live in a house that was built and/or repaired by a Duggar.” Someone else agrees, “yeah, especially when they misspell ‘grateful’.”

One fan adds, “So greatful for my dining room education from my sistermom.”

It sounds like people are questioning Jason’s abilities after seeing his poor spelling skills. Other fans are wondering if Jason Duggar is actually licensed and if he has all of the necessary permits to build a home at all.

Hopefully, Jason knows what he’s doing.

So, what do you think of Jason Duggar’s spelling slip-up? Do you think he’s better at construction than he is at spelling? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace

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