Fans Doubt Robyn Brown Has A Single Fashionable Bone In Her Body [Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Fans Doubt Robyn Brown Has A Single Fashionable Bone In Her Body

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Sister Wives fans doubt Robyn Brown has a single fashionable bone in her body. She has been mocked for everything from her ugly crying face to her relationships with her fellow sister wives. Since Robyn is the youngest wife out of the bunch, fans expected her to be a lot more stylish. The woman dubbed as “Sobbin’ Robyn” can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to fans of the show.

Viewers think Robyn should work with a stylist. If she doesn’t change her style, she may continue to get mocked by trolls. Find out why fans are mocking Robyn’s style and for more information.

Robyn Brown can’t seem to catch a break

Robyn Brown is the fourth wife of Kody Brown. For many seasons of Sister Wives, she hasn’t been able to escape the strong opinions of viewers. Most tend to favorite Meri and Christine Brown. Some of them have also shown support for Janelle Brown, even if she’s a little too committed to Kody sometimes.

Robyn Brown, on the other hand, can’t seem to catch a break. She’s received a lot more criticism ever since she first joined the Brown family. She hasn’t had it easy when it came to being a part of the family and escaping public criticism. Robyn has gotten used to the fans talking about her crying confessionals.

Robyn Brown Mocked For Frumpy Fashion [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
However, she may not like the latest conversation about her lack of style. Some viewers have been sharing strong opinions about her outfits. As the youngest out of the four wives, Robyn should be up-to-date on the current trends. However, her style sense seems on par with Kody’s three other wives.

The 43-year-old doesn’t dress any differently from her fellow wives. Some fans think she’s making herself look older with her makeup and fashion choices. They previously criticized Robyn for wearing too much blush and brow liner during her confessionals. Others noticed that her makeup is similar to the trends in the ’80s and early ’90s.

Is the Sister Wives star matronly?

Some fans think Robyn Brown wears frumpy clothing. It’s not like she can dress like the hottest wife out of the family out of respect to his other wives. According to the Mormon religion (via Screen Rant), all of the man’s wives must dress modestly. They are expected to keep their shoulders covered and wear skirts above the knees. Women aren’t allowed to dress provocatively.

However, it’s possible to dress conservatively and stylishly at the same time. Fans have mocked Robyn Brown for her love of bedazzled hats, peasant blouses, and leggings. She used to own My Sister Wife’s Closet, which hasn’t been updated on years. The real reason why Robyn isn’t stylish is that she probably doesn’t want to take risks and stand out.

Robyn Brown's Bedazzled Hat [Credit: MySisterWife's Closet/Instagram]
[Credit: MySisterwife’s Closet/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown’s fashion sense? Do you agree that she needs a stylist? What do you think she should wear instead? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think making comments on her fashion style, makeup or looks in general is shallow and totally disrespectful.
    She chose this life style for what ever reason, rather than knocking her down we should all feel sorry for her, apparently Kotex Kody is a bad choice.
    The same goes for all the other wives WTF were they thinking?

  2. Who cares what one of the Sister Wives wears. It’s not a fashion show. As Mormons, the women are supposed to dress conservatively. How about comment on Kody’s need for a haircut. He may think it is sexy or good looking but to me it just look like someone who is over-trying to look cool. That look is not for everyone. Is anyone else tired of his whining all of the time because the woman are finally having minds of their own? What a pompous ass Kody has become. He seems to forgotten that he helped create all of those children and he has an obligation to them as their father. Robin may be the youngest wife and her children the youngest but he made a choice to have all of those children with 4 different ladies.

  3. How about how he treats his “wives” or should we say neglects, rejects, misleads, talks down to and in general treats the first three wives like crap. He is “done with them” He has disposed of them when Robin came along.That’s we all see. His kids are pushed aside and all he thinks about are Robin and the her kids. Cody is a CREEP with that long hair, facial hair and the attitude that he is better than the ladies. He is not behaving like a Christian man. He is behavior an ASS living in a world he has created in his mind. What about those kids he had with those women and the “commitments”???
    He is a hypocrite and the show show be canceled because that is the only way to truly hurt this man. Take away his financial resources.
    Can you tell how disgusted I am with the show and Cody. Robin and is a troll that should never have been allowed to marry him. Bad move by Merry.

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