Cry Babies Magic Tears

‘Cry Babies Magic Tears’: More ‘CoComelon’ Heads For Netflix


Cry Babies Magic Tears will arrive on Netflix this month. Could the series be the next CoComelon?

The show is one of a number of YouTube IPs to land itself on the streaming service. In addition to being a YouTube series, appearing on Nickelodeon, phone app, and toyline, Cry Babies Magic Tears will now be available on Netflix in 190 countries worldwide.

YouTube To Netflix Children’s Shows

IMC Toys, the creators of the show, said that Netflix picking up the program was, “A great recognition after years of hard work and dedication.” The channel has more than 703,000 subscribers and 732 million views. There have been three seasons that have already appeared on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Cry Babies Magic Tears - YouTube/Kitoons in English

Credit: YouTube/Kitoons in English

For those unfamiliar with Cry Babies Magic Tears, it is an animated show about a set of friends for children aged three to six. It is often found on YouTube alongside titles like VIP Pets and Bloopies. Characters wear animal pajamas that match their pets and they go on adventures together. The show largely focuses on relationships and dealing with emotions in a healthy way.

This isn’t the first YouTube children’s show Netflix has picked up. There are a number of titles on Netflix that found their way there via YouTube. CoComelon is another one that has maintained a spot on Netflix Top 10 lists since its debut in June 2020. Since then, new episodes release every six months. Will the same happen for Cry Babies Magic Tears? 

‘Cry Babies Magic Tears’ And Other Kids Shows Headed For Netflix

April is going to be a busy month for Netflix children’s releases. A Netflix Original series, The Creature Cases, will make its debut on April 12. Parents and kids can also expect to see the debut of a new show from the creator of The Octonauts. Battle Kitty, an interactive series, and Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, an adaptation of Stan Sakai’s comic book, will also be added to Netflix’s Kids catalog.

New seasons of  Polly PocketAbby Hatcher, CoComelon, and Beyblade are expected as well. Of course, Cry Babies Magic Tears will be making its debut this month too. Because of its similarities to CoComelon, it looks hopeful to become another YouTube-to-Netflix success story.

Cry Babies Magic Tears - YouTube/Kitoons in English

Credit: YouTube/Kitoons in English

If your kiddos are getting tired of the same old same old from Netflix, April will bring plenty of new shows to watch just in time for spring and summer breaks. Cry Babies Magic Tears will be available to stream on April 18 in 24 languages around the world. It isn’t yet clear how many seasons of the show will be on Netflix. If it is anything as popular as CoComelon, it will be here to stay.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from Cry Babies Magic Tears. 

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