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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Cancelation: Will Fans Ever Learn The Truth?

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Bringing Up Bates fans were devastated to hear the news that UPtv pulled the plug shortly before Season 11 was set to premiere. This was a sudden and unexpected announcement, which left fans confused. After all, by the time the show was canceled, the entire season had been filmed and was almost ready to air.

Just four months before canceling the show, UPtv said that Bringing Up Bates was a “rating winner.” So, it wouldn’t make sense for the show to be canceled. UPtv said that they were planning to focus on more movies after canceling the Bates family’s show.

Sources close to UPtv claimed that the cancelation was in response to the Bates family’s recent controversial comments. In case you missed it, Carlin Bates previously posted on her Instagram stories during a game of charades. As a couple of family members acted out the word “hunting,” someone else called out “George Floyd.” This was poorly received by fans and Carlin quickly removed the post.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball spoke with someone who used to be employed by UPtv.

In an Instagram post, Katie said, “Apparently, the video that Carlin Bates posted on her Instagram Stories of one of her brothers mocking George Floyd’s murder allegedly made its way to the UPTV offices. Staff were apparently furious & asked the owner to cancel the show as a large portion of the network staff is African American because the network started out with Southern Gospel Programming.”

But Bringing Up Bates fans are still wondering if this is the full truth about the show’s cancelation. Fans are also curious to know if UPtv will ever come out and explain. Others think there’s possibly another scandal ready to surface.

Katie Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates
Katie Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans are still searching for answers.

On Reddit this week, Bringing Up Bates fans started talking about the show’s cancelation once again. And they’re still curious about what might have happened. Some fans are also wondering whether the truth about the show being canceled will ever be revealed.

Someone says, “If a year passes and we don’t know, and if the documentary doesn’t reveal anything, I think we’ll just never find out. In that case, it may not have been some dramatic scandal that caused it.”

Another fan adds, “If the docuseries doesn’t reveal why, I’m not sure we’ll ever know unfortunately.”

Fans seem to agree that we might learn more after the IBLP documentary comes out. In case you missed the news, there’s a documentary in the works, which will focus on the Bates and Duggar families’ religion, the Institute of Basic Life Principles. It’s assumed that some of the families’ secrets will be exposed at that point.

So, this could be when we get a better idea of the reason behind the Bringing Up Bates cancelation.

So, why do you think that Bringing Up Bates was canceled by UPtv? Do you think that the truth will eventually come out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Bates family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I think Upfaith & Family people are not perfect & they have never made mistakes on doing something that shouldn’t have been. As God forgiven them. I think so. So why can’t they forgive a mistake that was made. The fans, including myself, miss the show. So I guess forgiveness isn’t in the cards for those people who have made mistakes in their life. I just feel sorry for those who do not forgive those who have made mistakes in their life. The fans want Bringing Up Bates back on Uptv.

    1. Are they sorry for “the mistake” I dont think so. They have photos of KKK members of their wall, they are openly racist, they are homophobic and transphobic. Gil preaches hate from the pulpit, he also tells men not to marry women unless they are submissive and can be controlled, he also says that being sexually assaulted is good for your spirit and will make it stronger. He jokes about when he hit his children for hours on end to break their spirits. He has covered up many sexual assault claims for his mates at the cult. He is not what he seems. Forgiveness is given when one is apologetic and remorseful, they are not!

  2. I do not know why this top show would be canceled after a season was already filmed. However, it was a dumb decision and really broke my heart as it was the best show on tv. Quit comparing them to the Duggar family. They did have one son who messed up but 18 who did not so leave them all alone.

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