Randall Emmett Ignores His Debts Amid Financial Woes

Randall Emmett Ignores His Debts Amid Financial Woes [Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]

Randall Emmett is ignoring his debts amid his ever-growing financial woes. Pump Rules fans assumed the reason why Lala Kent ended their engagement was because of his money problems. She alleges that his alleged cheating was the reason why she walked out on him. The reality star didn’t know about his business matters.

Yet, she knew she had to protect herself and her daughter. In mid October 2021, Lala ended their engagement after photos of him with two other women surfaced online. She moved out of their Bel-Air home and focused on her ever-growing brand and daughter, Ocean Emmett. Meanwhile, Randall is trying to run away from his financial problems, according to a new report.

Is Randall Emmett refusing to pay back his debts?

The Hollywood producer is in debt up to his eyeballs. Randall Emmett is ignoring one of his bills. He got hit with a lawsuit for “refusing to pay off a $287k loan” amid his money struggles. The Sun received the latest information on Randall’s finances. In December 2020, a production company called Potato Eater Productions, LLC sued Randall and other defendants for $287,5000 for his new movie, Hair of the Dog.

The movie is currently in production and is set for release in 2023. The production company claims that Hair of the Dog, LLC, Emmett Furla Oasis Films, LLC, and Randall Emmett agreed to pay the debt by April 20, 2020. Since then, he’s been ignoring them. Both Randall and his defendants denied signing a “development loan agreement” in regards to the payments for the film.

Randall Emmett With His Daughters [Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
[Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
The production company claims that all parties signed the agreement “on or around” December 13, 20219. Randall Emmett his defendants also deny agreeing to pay the amount promised. The Irishman producer fails to pay back the amount of money he allegedly agreed upon. Meanwhile, his defendants say they made payments to Potato Eater Productions but didn’t specify how much. The case took place in February 2022 and reopened on March 28, 2022.

Randall Emmett still dealing with money woes

Randall Emmett has many money problems. He filed court documents in March 2021 requesting the court to decrease his child support payments to his ex-wife Ambyr Childers due to his “significant debts.” Randall allegedly “asked the court to terminate its January order that mandated him to maintain a bank account with a monthly balance of at least $50,000,” according to Page Six.

He alleged that he has “$500,000 in debt owed to the IRS.” The former Vanderpump Rules star claims the COVID-19 pandemic affected his financial situation. Yet, Lala claims that Randall Emmett was always away on business, even when she was pregnant with their daughter.

Also, Randall sued his former landlord for $550,000. He claimed his landlord didn’t follow the protocols at the height of the pandemic. What are your thoughts on Randall Emmett’s financial issues? Do you think he should pay off his debts? Sound off below in the comment section.

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