One Of Kody Brown’s Wives Hesitated On Flagstaff Move

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The Sister Wives stars definitely don’t see eye-to-eye sometimes. But when the family packed up and moved to Flagstaff, one of Kody Brown’s wives almost didn’t go along with everyone else.

Which wife hesitated and why? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Kody Brown and his clan moved to Flagstaff — but who almost didn’t go?

Can you guess which wife didn’t want to move with the rest of the family? Some of you may believe it’s Christine — after all, she finally decided to leave the family after some deep-seated issues got to be too much for her. Viewers are really interested to see how Kody Brown and the rest of the family will react to her departure in the upcoming seasons.

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But InTouch Weekly reveals it was actually Janelle Brown that didn’t want to move to Flagstaff.

“I was really conflicted,” Janelle admitted. “It really wasn’t about not moving, it was about the timing. … In my darkest moments, I did consider staying behind.”

At the time, Janelle had children in high school. She was worried about how the move would impact them. However, in the end, it all ended up working out. The Sister Wives star went on to say that her kids really “blossomed” in Arizona.

Luckily, Kody Brown got to keep his family intact for the time being. Who knows how he might have reacted if Janelle wasn’t willing to go too?

Will Janelle and Meri Brown leave the family anytime soon?

Although Janelle and Meri Brown seem to be sticking around for the time being, many Sister Wives fans believe they may leave Kody too. Sister Wives fans can clearly see that the two women feel frustrated with how little attention Kody pays them and their children.

But apparently for Janelle, these feelings aren’t anything new. As we recently noted, Janelle felt like an “eternal house guest” when she first married Kody Brown and became sister wives with Meri.

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“I didn’t know when I married Kody what a struggle that first year would be,” Janelle writes in her book. “I moved into the house with him and Meri and lived in their guest room. I felt like a long-term visitor, an eternal houseguest instead of a wife.”

“Meri and Kody were still very much in love and they had no idea how to incorporate me into their lives,” she continued. “I had no idea where I fit into the marriage. When we watched movies they would sit on the couch and hold hands under a blanket and I’d sit in my own chair.”

Knowing this, it’s hardly a surprise that Janelle didn’t really want to go to Arizona. Does any of this surprise you? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anyone notice the middle finger from Christine. Pointed toward Kody under her hair? Go Christine go, Kody a shady POS.

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