‘Return To Amish’ Star Mary Schmucker Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

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Return to Amish fans adore Mama Mary Schmucker even though she left the show in Season 5. They always want to know what she is up to and how she is doing. Recently she had a health scare but luckily, it all worked out and she was on the mend. Sadly, it has taken a turn, and prayers are needed now more than ever.

Return To Amish Health Scare For Mama Mary

Viewers first met Mama Mary Schmucker in TLC’s hit reality series Breaking Amish. Then she became a force to be reckoned with on the spinoff Return to Amish. The show followed a handful of ex-Amish/Mennonites as they navigated living in the English world after leaving their original restrictive Amish lives. Some questioned if they had made the right choice while others knew this was the best and only option. Mama Mary helped to guide them and play a surrogate parental role. She also had her kids featured as core cast members and could relate to their plight of being shunned. She, too, had been shunned from the church.

Return to Amish Mama Mary Schmucker
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Throughout the series, she was a great mentor for series regular Jeremiah Raber but, by Season 5, Mary made a big decision. She chose to return back to the church for her husband, Chester, and to attend her daughter’s wedding. It was sad but Grandma Ada Byler took over yet fans still kept up with Mary. Back in November 2021, it was revealed she had been taken to a hospital in Punxsutawney and was apparently in the ICU. She was eventually released and was staying with her son and daughter-in-law while she recovered. It looked like everything was on the up and up but now, she has revealed some devastating news.

Prayers For Mary

Earlier, Mary shared in a Facebook group that she has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The former Return to Amish star added she is scheduled for surgery this month. She did not give specifics but prayers have been pouring in amidst the shock. “Positive thoughts and prayers Ms. Mary for a successful surgery and a fast recovery,” one commented. Another added: “You are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and healing. Love you!!” This was the general sentiment because what else is there to say to someone who is just so beloved?

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It was recently announced that Season 7 of the series had been filmed but the cast was just waiting for TLC to do something with it. Once again, Mary would not be participating but she did join Jeremiah on one of his Facebook Lives. Hopefully, she will continue to update her fans and followers on how the surgery goes. Thoughts, prayers, and a lot of love to Mama Mary for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. The world needs more people like her.

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  1. I am so saddened to hear about Mama Marys cancer. I love her so much! Praying for a complete surgery and God speed healing.

  2. I am so sorry to read about your colon cancer Mary! I am a 5 year colon cancer survivor! I am praying that all goes well for you and you will be good as new and back on tv ! I am sending you lots of prayers and love! Sincerely, Claudia ♥️🙏🥰🙏♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. I love the show Breaking Amish along with all of the cast….wishing miss Mary all the best n a very speedy recovery ….may God Bless u n all of the cast !

  4. Return to Amish is screening here in New Zealand current. Mary this show you just collapsed and was admitted into hospital. I do not think you were diagnosed with the colon cancer at this stage. . regards. I am hooked on watching you all on Return to Amish.

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