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Jessa Seewald Shocks Fans After Her Kids Break A Major Duggar Family Rule

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Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald is proving to fans that she’s raising her kids differently. She’s recently shared a new post about her kids, revealing that she isn’t adhering to the strict Duggar family rules for her own children.

Jessa has four children, Spurgeon, 6, Henry, 5, Ivy, 2, and Fern, 7 months.

If you’re a Duggar fan, you probably remember some of the strict rules Jim Bob and Michelle set for their kids. For one, the girls had to wear skirts or dresses and dress modestly. They also had rules about TV, movies, music, and more.

As the Duggar kids get older and start their own families, some of them are making their own rules. Jessa Seewald is now allowing her children to do something she couldn’t as a kid. So, what is it?

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

Jessa Seewald shares photos and videos as her kids break Duggar family rules.

In a new Instagram post this week, Jessa revealed that she and her husband, Ben, took their four children out to eat. While they dined outdoors on the patio, the older three kids started dancing.

Dancing is not okay in the Duggar family’s home. But it looks like Ben and Jessa allow it. The mom of four wrote, “Everyone wants to dance with the princess 👸🏻 🤍”

Jessa Seewald was sure to snap photos and videos of this special moment, which you can see here.

Jessa Seewald Instagram
Jessa Seewald Instagram

Jessa’s sister, Jinger Vuolo, has also allowed her kids to dance.

Duggar fans are shocked to see the new photos and videos.

In the comments section of Jessa Seewald’s new post, fans are sharing their thoughts. And, as it turns out, many of them were not expecting to see videos and pictures of the Seewald kids dancing.

Here’s what some of Jessa’s followers are saying:

  • “Don’t take this the wrong way – but I love that you let your kiddos dance!! 👏👏”
  • “I thought you guys didn’t dance as a part of your religious beliefs?”
  • “I’m glad they know dancing isnt wrong in fact God invented it.”
  • “I’m glad you let your kids dance ❤️”

One fan applauds Jessa’s parenting, writing, “To imagine parents viewing this as sinful… it’s such an innocent and natural self expression and so essential to mental wellbeing. Well done Jessa for discarding that rule! 👏”

Fans believe that Ben was raised in a slightly more open household with less strict rules. So, maybe he was allowed to dance as a child and wants his kids to have the same experiences.

So, does it surprise you that Jessa Seewald’s kids are able to dance despite her upbringing? Do you think that she and Ben will allow their kids to break other Duggar family rules? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Her kids are not a duggar they are seewald so in there home its different rules she’s a married woman now livening her life her way and that’s how it should be

  2. yea, look where the duggars rules arent too inforced. porn,molestion. i call that good christians morals. not a chance. i wouldnt blame them for a wanting a happy life and be a normal child out of the spot light and raise their own babies

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