Exclusive: ‘Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue’ Amateur Sluice Wastes Shocking Amount Of Gold

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April Neale

This week, on Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, entrepreneurial miner Freddy Dodge and master mechanic Juan Ibarra have a significant task ahead of them, to show one hobbyist miner who has sunk a ton of money in his rig that his sluicing is leaving real gold on the table, and the amount is shocking.

It’s all in the sluicing sometimes for gold miners. TV Shows Ace got the exclusive preview of tomorrow’s exciting show where the central star, Freddy Dodge, sees where the trouble is for one amateur named Greg.

Greg designed his sluice to tilt to one side for a quick cleanup with the v-mats made for hobby miners. The problem is that gold is washing out over the sides and at the overspill where the water is coming out, and gold is in that mess.

The sluicing process is sloppy, to begin with, as gold particles are found after the process in the mats and not where they should be showing up. However, pros like Freddy know how to mitigate the loss of gold in the process.

About Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue

Freddy Dodge will delight fans of Gold Rush who already know how effective he and Juan Ibarra are. Pic credit: Discovery

The spinoff series features Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra, the two go-to men for the core cast of Gold Rush when problems arise.

A Colorado native and a long-time miner, Dodge is an expert at checking out the problems in a performing mine. And with master mechanic Juan Ibarra, the two can devise fixes and help the miner rework the plant so the profits roll in and the gold loss is minimized.

Ibarra is a savant mechanic on the fly, a gifted fabricator who travels with all sorts of metal and parts for any unexpected dilemma. Ibarra and Dodge initially met on Todd Hoffman’s crew years ago and hit it off. The two are inseparable and invaluable for anyone running a big washplant in trouble. Together the two have over 40 years combined of boots-on-the-ground experience.

The series takes the duo from Montana to Alaska to the Yukon to Colorado as struggling miners call upon Dodge and Ibarra’s mine-saving consultations. This season, the two head north to Alaska; they help a widower fulfill a promise to his young daughter and his late wife to turn their struggling mine into a profitable business.

In Colorado, they help a father and son resolve some issues and deal with a significant cleanup problem. In British Columbia, the two face a resistant “off-grid prospector.”

And in Oregon, Gold Rush veteran Jim Thurber hires Freddy and Juan to help pal with their 130-year-old claim to turn into a commercially viable mine.

In this series, Freddy and Juan offer up solutions, insights, and “bush hacks” that will up the gold production for the client.

Gold Rush Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue new season begins April 1st at 9 PM on Discovery and discovery+.

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