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Tony Padron Earns ‘Sister Wives’ Fans’ Respect & Here’s Why

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Sister Wives fans don’t generally love Tony Padron. He may have married into the Brown family, but he didn’t win the hearts of viewers when he arrived and married Mykelti Brown.

But now, Tony might actually be growing on viewers. Nearly every single Sister Wives fan despises Kody Brown more than anyone. And Tony is never afraid to poke the bear.

Keep reading to see what a few Reddit users had to say about Tony Padron and how they view him.

Tony Padron is starting to grow on the Sister Wives fandom

Some Sister Wives fans don’t care for Tony Padron’s attitude and snark. But others are really starting to love him. One Reddit thread recently brought up Tony’s motivations on the show.

Sister Wives/TLC

“Anyone else think that maybe Tony wanted to go wedding dress shopping with Mykelti just to poke fun at Cody for picking out Robyn’s dress?” the original Reddit user asked. “I think Tony is just the type of guy to do such a thing 😅”

Many other Reddit users agree that Tony at least wanted to get under Kody’s skin.

“I like that Tony pushes buttons but I think he just cared about Mykelti and maybe even Mykelti wanted him as part of the process,” said another user. “I sort of thought Mykelti always got treated differently and maybe she or he wanted to be there to help buffer the strong opinions of others that could have influenced Mykelti’s decision on the dress.”

Other users agreed that they really appreciated the way Tony Padron doesn’t take anyone’s crap. However, they didn’t really think the situation was that deep. Ultimately, it just really seemed like Mykelti just wanted him around.

Sister Wives/TLC

What do you think? Was Tony Padron really trying to get a rise out of Kody Brown? Or was he just supporting Mykelti? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Kody Brown butts heads with his sons-in-law

Sister Wives fans may not like Kody Brown much, but it really seems like Tony Padron may hate him most of all. Another Reddit thread pointed out that Tony and Kody really don’t seem to see eye to eye.

“So… I’m rewatching and noticing two things. I don’t think Tony likes Kody that much,” the original poster wrote. “Many people have said they think Tony was acting entitled when it came to Mykelti’s wedding, however, I personally think Tony was going to bat for Mykelti. I feel like he has a unique sense of humor, he’s a smart ass and most of his ‘off putting’ comments look differently when you consider the possibility of this scenario or something similar: Perhaps Kody never gave Mykelti the same amount of attention that he gave to Maddie. Maybe Mykelti expressed this to Tony. So Tony went into wedding planning fighting for what Mykelti wanted by making casual demands and smart ass remarks about Kody.”

“I also don’t think Mitch likes Kody too much,” the user continued. “We can see that pretty clearly during Aspyn’s wedding episode. Maybe Aspyn has expressed the same thing to Mitch as Mykelti.”

Do you agree with Reddit here? As always, leave your ideas in the comments keep following us online for the latest Sister Wives news. We’ll be here to keep you informed.


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