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TLC Snubs Blayke Busby On Birthday, Favors The Quints?

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Blayke Busby’s birthday falls just days before the quints on April 5th. Adam and Danielle Busby have always done what they can to make Blayke’s day special and separate from the quints’ birthday. For example, this year they kicked the quints out of the house overnight so Blayke could have a sleepover with just friends her own age.


Did TLC snub Blayke Busby on her birthday?

Adam Busby took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that TLC sent them a present in the mail for the quints. His video didn’t say anything about the network, however, sending a gift for Blayke who celebrates her birthday days before the quints. As we previously reported, some fans believe this was TLC’s way of trying to bribe the family to reconsider their decision to quit doing the show.

Some OutDaughtered fans now admit the gift has left a bit of a bad taste in their mouth as it appears the network conveniently forget to also include a gift for Blayke.

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It goes without saying that the Busby quints are the reason the family landed on television in the first place. But, fans agree they love Blayke Busby just as much as her sisters. In fact, fans point out it takes a special girl to be the big sister of so many little sisters that are the same age. Fans, however, cannot ignore the fact that TLC did not include a birthday present for Blayke as well as her sisters.

Was the gift also intended for her?

Some fans are arguing it was a group gift intended for all of the girls. TLC gifted a giant piano play mat complete with volume control for the sanity of Adam and Danielle. Blayke Busby was spotted very briefly at the beginning of the video. But, it definitely appeared to be a toy just for the quints. Likewise, Blayke is much older now and the toy likely didn’t appeal to her very much beyond playing with her sisters on it.

Adam Busby - TikTok
Adam Busby – TikTok

Fans agree that if the network was really trying to bribe their way back into the family, snubbing Blayke on her birthday was not the way to do it. Do you think the network forgot to send a birthday present to Blayke? Or, do they really just favor the quints? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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