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Duggar Fans Alarmed By Jessa Seewald’s YouTube Video, Here’s Why

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Duggar fans are alarmed after watching a new video from Jessa Seewald. Something in her latest YouTube has left fans shocked. So, what was her video about, and what are fans saying now?

As we reported, Jessa recently filmed a video of her husband, Ben shaving his beard down to just a handlebar mustache. When he was finished, he knocked on the front door to try to trick his younger children into thinking he was someone else. He threw on a hoodie and sunglasses to help conceal his identity as he spoke with a thick country accent.

Ivy, 2, was easily fooled and didn’t know it was her dad. But before he left, her older brothers, Spurgeon, 6, and Henry, 5, said, “Goodbye, daddy!” This gave it away and it suddenly dawned on Ivy who was actually in her home. You can watch the funny video from the Duggar daughter below.

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Duggar fans beg Jessa Seewald to tidy up her home.

Though Jessa might have been trying to share a cute and funny video with fans, not everyone loved it. It looks like Duggar fans didn’t have the reaction Jessa was hoping they would. Instead of focusing on the funny content, they noticed something else.

Many fans went to the comments section to point out the mess of toys and clutter on her living room floor. One fan says, “damn, that house needs to be cleaned up.” Other fans share similar statements, hoping Jessa will clean up before recording her next video.

As you can see in these scenes from Jessa’s video, there are many toys all over the floor in her living room.

Jessa Seewald YouTube (Duggar)

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

While some fans dislike the clutter and toys shown in the new video, others appreciate the fact that Jessa keeps things real. One fan commented, “It’s nice to see that you didn’t worry about tidying up your home.”

This isn’t the first time that Jessa has been called out by fans. Her house is frequently messy in the videos she shares. They wish she would pick up the toys or organize her home better. But with four young children at home, this isn’t always doable, it seems.

So, do you agree with Duggar fans that Jessa should clean up her house? Do you think that the toys all over the floor are a big deal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Jessa and her family, come back to TV Shows Ace. You can watch the full YouTube video here.

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  1. Its no bodies businss how she keeps home. Her children look well cared for which is most important.

  2. It’s ridiculous to think a home with 4 kids is always gonna be tidy, but especially when doing a random video. It’s not like you’re gonna say, wait, let me clean up, before you trick the kids, so our fans don’t see real life. Come on! Who’s house is clean 24/7? No one with kids, that’s for sure, much less 4 kids that young! I say get over yourself! I don’t even see that big of a mess. Just some toys tipped over from toddlers doing what what toddlers do. To me this shows life and that the kids get healthy play! Keep doing you Jessa!

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