Kate Gosselin Irate Over Hannah Leaving Her, Keeps Siblings Away?

Kate Gosselin from TLC

Hannah Gosselin and the rest of the famous sextuplets are about to celebrate their 18th birthday together. However, it’s not as happy as it seems. Sources report that Kate Gosselin has been the reason that Hannah feels lonely and isolated from the rest of her siblings.

But is there any truth to these rumors? Allegedly, Kate wasn’t happy when Hannah asked to live with Jon Gosselin.

Keep reading to see what we learned.

Sources allege Kate Gosselin is driving up the drama between her children

Sources close to the family say that Kate Gosselin didn’t handle things well when Hannah asked to live with her father instead.

“Kate absolutely adored Hannah and wanted her to stay with her,” the source told In Touch Weekly. “But Hannah just felt that it was not the right atmosphere for her, even though she absolutely loves her brothers and sisters.”

Hannah seems to be doing well with her father in Pennsylvania, who also has custody of Collin. The two teens frequently make appearances on their dad’s Instagram page.

But even so, the situation didn’t sit right with Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin/Bethenny

“She’s definitely spent a lot of time making sure the kids don’t spend time together because she’s really upset Hannah chose to live with Jon,” another insider told Us Weekly. “[Hannah] doesn’t really speak to her mom much. … She’s focused on high school and getting into college.”

Without a doubt, this has to be a very difficult situation to navigate.

Do you think that Kate Gosselin really has a hand in keeping Hannah and the rest of her siblings apart? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

The former reality star has transitioned back into the real world

Since Kate Gosselin left the reality TV world, we really haven’t seen much of her lately. Back in January, we wrote about how she’s living a more reclusive lifestyle these days.

The Sun managed to obtain images of Kate grocery shopping for her family. If you didn’t know it was Kate Gosselin, you probably wouldn’t have recognized her. These days, she really just looks like an everyday woman.

These days, Kate works as a nurse in the state of North Carolina. She’s probably dealing with workplace burnout, as a lot of healthcare workers are these days.

We can’t be sure how true the rumors about Kate and her children are, but she’s likely dealing with a lot of stress these days. Having four 17-year-olds at home can’t be an easy job either.

Keep following us for more information on Kate Gosselin and the rest of the former Jon And Kate Plus Eight family. We will be here to keep you filled in.

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