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Exclusive Interview: Cowboys From ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown’ Talk Season 3

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TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to talk to Keaton Barger, Chris Becker and Stephen Heitmann of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown. Find out all about the new upcoming season that will start airing on April 21 on INSP.

Interview with Keaton Barger, Chris Becker and Stephen Heitmann

How did you end up on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown?

Keaton Barger: After the deaths of my Uncle Chad, who taught me how to rope, and my wife’s uncle, Bruce Rougeau, I decided to pursue it, as they were big supporters of me going on the show. My parents also really pushed me to enter.

Chris Becker: After watching the first two seasons, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I sent my application in and got the call!

Stephen Heitmann: It is kind of a funny story about how I ended up on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown. While watching season 2 with my co-worker, I became interested in learning how to get on the show. I never had any prior experience or desire to be on TV, but with the prizes offered, I thought I should at least apply. So, I went online and found the application. Four months later, I received a call from casting telling me they were interested in having me on the show!

What can viewers expect to see this season?

Keaton Barger: It’s the most cowboy season yet! They truly found some of the best hands from all over the United States.

Chris Becker: Viewers will see a completely new style of cowboys that they haven’t seen in the previous seasons.

Stephen Heitmann: When it comes to the viewers and what they can expect in season 3 of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, I think they should expect to see some real top hands!

What did you learn about yourself doing this show?

Keaton Barger: Since I primarily work for a heating and air conditioning company, I don’t get to cowboy as much as I would like to. Although, I do help my brother-in-law at his operation, A1 Farms, so competing in Ultimate Cowboy Showdown taught me that I can still be a cowboy.

Chris Becker: I learned that I am more successful in my personal life than I had initially believed.

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown with permission

Would you do it again if given the chance?

Keaton Barger: Absolutely! It was the chance of a lifetime.

Chris Becker: Yes, in a heartbeat!

Stephen Heitmann: After going through the production of a reality TV show and understanding what all is entailed in the process to some extent, I think I would do it again.

Working with Trace Adkins

How was it working with Trace Adkins?

Keaton Barger: Trace was amazing! You can see the passion he has for the cowboy way of life, and he just wants every contestant to give it everything they have.

Chris Becker: It was great getting to work beside one of country music’s biggest artists.

Stephen Heitmann: Working with Trace Adkins was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Everyone knows he is a big man, but you don’t really realize how big he is until you get to stand next to him in person!

Even though we didn’t get to be around him as much off-set, the little bit of interaction we had with him was pretty neat. Now, I am not going to lie, he is an intimidating fellow, with his gargantuan size and his almost unreal voice, but overall it was cool to meet an icon like himself.

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 3 premieres Thursday, April 21st at 8PM ET on INSP.

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