Duggar family Instagram (KW Counting On)

‘Counting On:’ Most Cringey Duggar Family Moments

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Counting On viewers are talking about some of the Duggar family‘s most cringey moments from over the years. Because the family lived their lives in the public eye, many of these moments are documented online. So, no one will let them forget the awkward things that might have happened.

Though they no longer have a show on TLC, old clips can still be found online. Plus, many members of the family use social media. Sometimes, they document some pretty awkward moments on social media for everyone to see.

So, what are the Duggar family’s most cringey moments that have come back to haunt them?

Duggar family Instagram (KW Counting On)
Duggar family Instagram

Counting On: Cringey Family Moments Resurface Online

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are talking about some of the most cringey moments they have seen from the family over the years. Someone posted and asked for other critics to share some of the “WTF” things they’ve seen from the Duggars.

One Reddit user recalls Jill Dillard giving her dog breast milk that had been left in her freezer for a couple of years.

Someone else adds to the conversation, writing, “I still can’t wrap my head around why Jed and Jer (I think?) had to put their beds like literally 1 foot apart lol in their own house.”

Another Duggar snarker points out that the kids used to wear their regular daytime clothing in bed. Someone else remembers watching the kids sleep on bare mattresses on the floor without pillows.

Other Counting On viewers are talking about the family’s bizarre recipes, from BBQ tuna to tater tot casserole. The family has been criticized many times for feeding their kids processed, frozen, and unhealthy foods.

Someone else writes, “Going to Bermuda (I think) after the hurricane to ‘help out’ when all they did was sit in an air conditioned room, use the emergency resources for their own purposes, and have Chick Fil A flown in for themselves.”

Counting On viewers also remember the Duggar family’s parenting mistakes. One mentions seeing a gun on Joy and Austin’s dining room table within their children’s reach.

You can read through more of the cringey scenes from over the years here.

So, what are some of the awkward family moments you recall from the Duggars over the years? Do you miss seeing them on TLC’s Counting On? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more Duggar news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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