Ben Seewald Takes It Back to The Early Days, Shocks Kids

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Former Counting On star Ben Seewald is going back in time and trying something different. The father of four ended up shocking his kids in the process. So, what did he change that has his little ones so confused?

Jessa Seewald uploaded a new, funny video to her YouTube channel this week, revealing something she and Ben did for their kids. It gave them some good entertainment, and they wanted to share it with fans, too.

If you’ve followed Jessa and Ben, for a while, you may recall him shaving his face in the past and tricking his kids into thinking he was someone else. Now, they decided to try it again because Ivy, 2, is old enough to pick up on what’s going on.

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Ben Seewald’s new look leaves Ivy shocked.

In the video, Ben is shaving his beard all the way down to just a handlebar mustache. He’s previously had a mustache, but it’s been a little while.

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After shaving his face, Ben Seewald decides it’s time to see what his kids think of it. So, he styles his hair differently, throws on a sweatshirt with a hood, and puts on a pair of glasses. He knocks on the door, and Jessa asks two-year-old Ivy to check who’s there.

Ben introduces himself as Billy Bob Scoot in a unique voice. Ivy is friendly toward him but doesn’t seem to recognize him at all.

He chats with the Seewalds for a bit, playing his role well. At one point, Jessa attempts to hand off six-month-old Fern, but this freaks her out. She doesn’t look very comfortable in the “stranger’s” arms.

Ben Seewald’s character ends up asking where Ivy’s dad is, and when she searches the house, she can’t find him. Finally, before Billy Bob Scoot leaves the house, Spurgeon, 6, and Henry, 5, say goodbye. Someone calls him “daddy,” and that’s when Ivy realizes who he really is.

Fans are loving the new video and can’t believe Ivy’s reaction. One fan says, “I remember when you did this to the boys, love it!! So cute with the kid’s reactions🥰”

So, what do you think of Ben and Jessa’s idea of tricking their kids? Do you think it’s funny? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

You can check out Ben Seewald’s new video and see the kids’ reactions below.

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